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4DRC F11 Pro

$ 181.99$ 299.99

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The 4DRC F11 PRO RC Drone combines advanced features with user-friendly design, boasting a 6K (5780*2890) HD camera and GPS positioning for precise and immersive aerial photography. With a lightweight build of 145g and a robust 5GHz operating frequency, this drone offers a 25-minute flight time, extending up to 2000m with 5G WiFi connectivity. Equipped with smart functions such as Follow Me, Waypoint Flight, and Surround Action, the drone ensures dynamic and creative shots. The brushless motor, 6-axis gyroscope, and altitude hold mode contribute to stable flight, while features like One Key Takeoff/Landing and low power protection enhance ease of use. The package includes a remote control, 7.4V 2500mAh Lipo Battery, and various accessories, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and enthusiasts.


  • Brand Name: 4DRC
  • GPS: Yes
  • Video Maximum Resolution: 6K (5780*2890)
  • Max Wind Speed Resistance: <10km/h
  • Camera Features: 4K HD Video Recording
  • Max Takeoff Weight: <1kg
  • Sensor Size: 1/6.0 inches
  • Category: Camera Drone
  • Equipped with Aerosol Spraying System/Spread Tank Volume: No
  • Flight Time: 25min
  • Aircraft Operating Frequency: 5GHz
  • Camera Integration: Camera Included
  • Drone Weight: 145g
  • Remote Distance: 2000m
  • Camera Stabilization: Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Camera Mount Type: Fixed Camera Mount, Other
  • Connectivity: APP Controller, Remote Control, Wi-Fi Connection
  • Removable/Replaceable Battery: Yes
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Aerial Photography: Yes
  • Control Channels: 6 Channels
  • APP Supported Languages: Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese Style, Polish, Russian
  • Model Number: 4D-F11
  • Motor: Brushless Motor
  • Charging Time: 120-150mins


  1. GPS positioning mode for accurate flight.
  2. 5G WiFi connectivity for real-time transmission and control through the app.
  3. WiFi 6K HD camera with a 120° wide-angle lens for high-definition pictures and video.
  4. Follow Me mode allows the drone to follow the operator’s movements.
  5. Altitude hold mode for stable flight.
  6. Surround action enables the aircraft to fly in a circle for unique perspectives.
  7. Waypoint flight mode allows users to draw a route on the screen for autonomous flight.
  8. 7.4V 2500mAh battery provides up to 25 minutes of flight time.
  9. One Key Takeoff /Landing for easy operation.
  10. Low power and overcurrent protection for safety.
  11. 5GHz technology for anti-interference.
  12. 6-axis gyroscope for stable flying.
  13. Durable quadcopter fuselage made of high-strength engineering plastics.

Functionality: Up/down, Forward/backward, Turn left/right, Sideward flight, LED Light, GPS Positioning, Follow Me, Surrounding Flight, Waypoint Flight, Altitude Hold Mode, Headless Mode, One Key Return, One Key Takeoff /Landing, WiFi FPV, Camera/Video

Package Included: 1 x F11 RC Quadcopter 1 x Remote Control 1 x 7.4V 2500mAh Lipo Battery 2 x USB Charging Cable 2 x Spare propeller 1 x Screwdriver 2 x User Manual 1 x Pair of landing gear

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