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4DRC Mini M2 PRO

$ 83.99$ 113.99

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The 4DRC Mini M2 PRO GPS Drone redefines aerial photography with its 8K dual HD camera and intelligent features. This foldable drone offers obstacle avoidance, precise GPS positioning, and 5G WiFi for real-time image transfer up to 1000m. Choose between 4K, 6K, or 8K camera options to capture stunning visuals. With altitude hold, waypoint flight, and follow me mode, this drone provides a dynamic and personalized aerial experience. Compact, user-friendly, and featuring 20 minutes of flight time, the 4DRC Mini M2 PRO is perfect for both beginners and enthusiasts seeking high-quality, hassle-free drone exploration.


4DRC Mini M2 PRO GPS Drone – Explore the Skies in 8K Clarity

Unleash the potential of aerial photography with the 4DRC Mini M2 PRO GPS Drone. Equipped with an 8K dual HD camera capable of 4K professional WiFi FPV, this drone takes your visual storytelling to new heights. With intelligent obstacle avoidance and GPS positioning, enjoy precise and obstacle-free flights. The foldable design makes it portable, and the 5G WiFi function allows real-time image transfer up to 1000m. Choose from 4K, 6K, or 8K camera options for stunning visuals. Enjoy features like altitude hold, waypoint flight, and follow me mode for a dynamic and personalized aerial experience. With a compact size, powerful performance, and user-friendly controls, the 4DRC Mini M2 PRO is an ideal choice for both beginners and enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • 8K dual HD camera with 4K professional WiFi FPV
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance for safe flights
  • GPS positioning for accurate and stable performance
  • Foldable arms for compact and convenient portability
  • 5G WiFi for real-time image transfer up to 1000m
  • Choice of 4K, 6K, or 8K camera options
  • Altitude hold mode for stable and precise flights
  • Waypoint flight and follow me mode for dynamic shots
  • 20 minutes of flight time for extended exploration
  • Headless mode, one-click return, and one-click takeoff/landing
  • Three flight speed levels for customizable control
  • Durable and lightweight construction for reliable performance

Embark on a journey of aerial creativity with the 4DRC Mini M2 PRO GPS Drone, capturing moments in breathtaking detail with its 8K capabilities.

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4K – 01 Battery, 4K – 2 Batteries, 4K – 3 Batteries, 6K – 1 Battery, 6K – 2 Batteries, 6K – 3 Batteries, 8K – 1 Battery, 8K – 2 Batteries, 8K – 3 Batteries

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