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BINNUNE BW01 Gaming Headset

$ 52.99

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The BINNUNE BW01 Gaming Headset is a versatile over-ear headset featuring hybrid technology, providing a seamless combination of high-performance 2.4GHz lossless wireless for professional gaming audio on PS and PC, along with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for mobile devices. With ultra-low latency, a 50mm driver, and 2.4G lossless wireless, it delivers immersive gaming experiences with detailed sound. The headset boasts an extraordinary 48-hour battery life, fast USB-C charging, and compatibility across various devices, including PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Additionally, it offers a wired connection option for flexibility in use.


BINNUNE BW01 Gaming Headset

Style: Over-ear
Vocalism Principle: Hybrid Technology
Active Noise-Cancellation: No
Material: Metal, Plastic
Control Button: Yes
Communication: Wireless + Wired
Volume Control: Yes
Category: Earphones & Headphones
Certification: CE
Impedance Range: 33 to 100 Ω
Headphone Pads Material: Memory Foam
Wireless Type: Bluetooth
Is Wireless: Yes
Function: For Internet Bar, for Video Game
With Microphone: Yes

Key Features:

  1. High-Performance 2.4G+Bluetooth 5.0: BINNUNE BW01 combines high-performance 2.4 GHz lossless wireless for professional-level gaming audio on PS and PC. It also offers the convenience of simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity for most mobile devices.
  2. Ultra-Low Latency Wireless Gaming: Featuring ultra-low latency 2.4GHz lossless wireless for high-fidelity audio, the audio latency is less than 38ms, significantly better than Bluetooth (150ms). This ensures an immersive, lag-free wireless gaming experience.
  3. Hear Every Detail: The 50mm driver combined with 2.4G lossless wireless technology emphasizes both subtle and critical in-game background sounds, allowing users to hear every detail, ensuring no missed steps or shots during gameplay.
  4. Extraordinary Battery Life: With an impressive 48-hour battery life and fast USB-C charging, the BINNUNE gaming headset is ideal for extended music listening sessions or prolonged gaming sessions on a single charge.
  5. Ultra-Compatible With Multiple Devices: The gaming headset is compatible via 2.4GHz wireless connection on PC, PS; the 3.5mm audio jack is compatible with PC, Mac, laptop, PS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, cell phones, and VR. Bluetooth compatibility extends to most Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  6. Wired Connection Option: For users who prefer a wired connection, the BINNUNE headset can be connected to a range of gaming devices, including PS5, PS4, Switch, and mobile devices via a 3.5mm audio cable.

This BINNUNE BW01 Gaming Headset offers a versatile and high-performance audio solution, seamlessly combining 2.4GHz wireless technology with Bluetooth connectivity for an enhanced gaming and multimedia experience.

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