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CASEPOKE Stylus for iPad

$ 11.99

SKU cncpqhispa9g008mnn9g Category

Introducing the CASEPOKE Stylus, a cutting-edge digital tool tailored for iPads released in 2018 or later. Boasting advanced features like palm rejection for natural interaction, magnetic adsorption for secure storage, and an extended 700-hour standby time, this stylus offers unparalleled convenience. With high precision and a scratch-free design, it ensures a superior digital writing experience. The touch switch simplifies operation, and the absence of buttons makes it user-friendly. Elevate your iPad usage with this innovative stylus that requires no Bluetooth or additional apps, providing a seamless and efficient creative process.


CASEPOKE Stylus for iPad

Introducing the cutting-edge CASEPOKE stylus, specifically designed for iPad models released in 2018 or later. This stylus boasts advanced features to elevate your digital experience, ensuring seamless compatibility with various iPad versions. The stylus incorporates palm rejection technology, allowing your hands to rest on the screen without interference. Magnetic adsorption prevents loss and provides convenient storage, attaching securely to the edge of the iPad Air or Pro series. With an extended standby time of 700 hours and 8 hours of continuous use, this stylus offers reliable performance. The touch switch simplifies operation, and the absence of buttons makes it user-friendly. Here’s a closer look at its key features:

  • Magnetic Adsorption: Securely attaches to the edge of iPad Air or Pro series, ensuring convenient storage.
  • Battery Status: Keep track of the stylus’s battery level for efficient usage.
  • Palm Rejection: Enjoy natural and comfortable writing or drawing with palm rejection technology.
  • No Bluetooth or Apps Required: Hassle-free operation without the need for additional connectivity.
  • High Precision: Achieve accurate and precise input for a superior digital writing experience.
  • No Scratch: The stylus is designed to be gentle on your iPad screen, preventing scratches.

Package Included:

  1. Stylus Pen
  2. 2 Replacement Tips
  3. Type C Charging Cable
  4. User’s Manual
  5. Storage Box

Ensure you have the correct iPad model before ordering and elevate your digital creativity with the CASEPOKE stylus.

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White, Pink, Black, Red, Blue, Green


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