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Cerastes Smart Watch

$ 51.99

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Elevate your lifestyle with the Cerastes Smart Watch, a perfect fusion of fitness tracking and smart functionality. Its sleek design features a vibrant 1.28-inch IPS full-screen display, offering multiple dials for a personalized touch. Powered by the RTK8762C chip, it ensures efficient performance, while advanced fitness metrics like heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, GPS tracking, and multiple sports modes keep you in top shape. With a robust battery life of 8-12 days and IP68 water resistance, it’s your reliable companion in any environment. Stay connected with call and message alerts, and enjoy interactive music control for a complete smartwatch experience. The Cerastes Smart Watch is more than a timepiece – it’s your key to a healthier, smarter lifestyle.


Experience the perfect blend of fitness and functionality with the Cerastes Smart Watch. Boasting a round 1.28-inch IPS full-screen display with a resolution of 240*240, this sporty timepiece offers multiple dials for a personalized touch. Powered by the RTK8762C chip and equipped with 128MB of RAM, it ensures smooth performance. Track your fitness journey with features like heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and GPS functionality to keep you on the right path. With a battery life of 8-12 days in normal use and up to 25 days on standby, this smartwatch is a reliable companion. The IP68 standard dust and water resistance make it suitable for various environments, while the FitCloudPro app ensures seamless connectivity. Stay informed with call reminders, message alerts, and more, and enjoy interactive music control for a holistic smartwatch experience. The Cerastes Smart Watch is not just a timekeeper; it’s your fitness and lifestyle companion.

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Green, Blue, Black


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