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Hansong iPad Keyboard Case

$ 44.99$ 58.99

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Enhance your iPad experience with the Hansong iPad Keyboard Case, a sleek and versatile accessory compatible with iPad Air 10.9″ and various iPad models from 7th to 10th generations. Crafted from durable PU leather, this case offers robust protection with features like shockproof, drop resistance, and anti-dust capabilities. Enjoy the convenience of auto wake/sleep function, a tablet stand, and a transparent back shell for a modern aesthetic. The scissor-switch keyboard structure ensures quiet and comfortable typing, while the detachable design with a built-in pencil holder adds practicality. This case combines style and functionality with drop protection, a long battery life, and multiple color options, providing an ideal solution for your iPad needs.


Elevate your iPad experience with the Hansong iPad Keyboard Case, a fashionable and functional accessory designed for the iPad Air 10.9″ and various iPad models. The PU leather material provides durability, and the shockproof, drop-resistant, and anti-dust features ensure optimal protection. The case is compatible with iPad models from the 7th to the 10th generation, offering versatile use. Enjoy the convenience of auto wake/sleep function, a tablet stand, and a transparent back shell for a sleek look. The case supports a 360° rotation, providing both horizontal and vertical support for flexible use. The scissor-switch structure of the keyboard offers a quiet and comfortable typing experience, while the detachable design and built-in pencil holder add to the convenience. With additional features like drop protection, a long battery life, and multiple color options, this keyboard case is a stylish and practical choice.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with iPad models including 7th to 10th generation and iPad Air 10.9″.
  • Auto Wake/Sleep: Convenient feature for energy efficiency.
  • Tablet Stand: Supports both horizontal and vertical orientations for versatile use.
  • Transparent Back Shell: Adds a sleek and modern look to your iPad.
  • Scissor-Switch Structure: Provides a quiet and comfortable typing experience.
  • Detachable Design: Easy detachment with built-in magnets for added convenience.
  • Built-in Pencil Holder: Effortless storage for your iPad Pencil 2nd Gen.
  • Drop Protection: Flexible back cover for enhanced device protection.
  • Long Battery Life: Built-in high-capacity battery for extended usage.
  • Multi-color Options: Choose from a variety of colors to suit your style and preferences.

Additional information


Black (Keyboard only), Grey (Keyboard Only), Pink (Keyboard Only), Purple (Keyboard Only), Sky blue (Keyboard Only), Dark green (Keyboard Only), Black (Keyboard + Mouse), Grey (Keyboard + Mouse), Pink (Keyboard + Mouse), Purple (Keyboard + Mouse), Sky blue (Keyboard + Mouse), Dark green (Keyboard + Mouse), Black (Touchpad Keyboard), Grey (Touchpad Keyboard), Pink (Touchpad Keyboard), Purple (Touchpad Keyboard), Sky blue (Touchpad Keyboard), Dark green (Touchpad Keyboard), Black (Touchpad Keyboard + Mouse), Grey (Touchpad Keyboard + Mouse), Pink (Touchpad Keyboard + Mouse), Purple (Touchpad Keyboard + Mouse), Sky blue (Touchpad Keyboard + Mouse), Dark green (Touchpad Keyboard + Mouse)


iPad Air 3 Pro 10.5, iPad Air 4th Air 5th, iPad 10.2 7 8 9th, iPad 10th Gen, Pro 11in 2nd 3rd 4th


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