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L900 Pro

$ 135.99$ 205.99

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L900 Pro SE MAX GPS Drone: Your Gateway to Aerial Excellence

Unleash the L900 Pro SE MAX GPS Drone and experience the pinnacle of aerial exploration. This feature-rich drone boasts a 4K UHD camera, 360° obstacle avoidance (L900 Pro SE MAX), and an impressive 28-minute flight time. With GPS-assisted flight, optical flow positioning, and altitude hold mode, enjoy precise control and stable hovering for breathtaking shots. The brushless motor ensures a quiet yet powerful flight, while innovative features like gesture recognition and follow-me mode elevate your photography game. Compact and foldable, the L900 Pro SE MAX is your passport to thrilling aerial adventures.


  • 4K UHD Camera
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance (L900 Pro SE MAX)
  • 28-Minute Flight Time
  • GPS-Assisted Flight
  • Optical Flow Positioning
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Gesture Photo/Video
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Waypoint Flight Mode
  • Brushless Motor
  • Foldable Design


  • Camera: 4K UHD, 360° Obstacle Avoidance (L900 Pro SE MAX)
  • Flight Time: 28 minutes
  • Remote Control Distance: 1200m
  • GPS: Yes
  • Motor: Brushless Motor
  • Charging Time: About 2 hours
  • Dimensions: 29295.5CM
  • Weight: 242.6g
  • Certification: CE

Package Includes:

  • 1 x L900 Pro SE MAX Drone
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Aircraft Battery
  • 2 x Spare Propeller
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Manual

Elevate your drone experience with the L900 Pro SE MAX – where innovation meets exhilaration in the vast skies!


L900 Pro SE MAX GPS Drone: Elevate Your Aerial Experience

Explore the skies with the advanced L900 Pro SE MAX GPS Drone. Packed with innovative features, this drone is designed for both beginners and experienced flyers. The 4K UHD camera, 360° obstacle avoidance, and 28 minutes of flight time provide an immersive and professional drone experience. Take advantage of GPS-assisted flight, optical flow positioning, and altitude hold mode for precise control and stable hovering. The brushless motor ensures quiet yet powerful operation, making your aerial adventures enjoyable. With follow-me mode, waypoint flight, and gesture recognition, capture stunning photos and videos effortlessly. Foldable and portable, the L900 Pro SE MAX is your ideal companion for aerial photography and exploration.

Key Features:

  • 4K UHD Camera: Capture stunning aerial photos and videos with the adjustable 4K camera.
  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance (L900 Pro SE MAX): Advanced obstacle avoidance technology for a safe and controlled flight experience.
  • 28 Minutes Flight Time: High-capacity 7.4V 2200mAh battery for an extended flying experience.
  • GPS-Assisted Flight: Precise positioning and automatic return home function for enhanced safety.
  • Optical Flow Positioning: Stable hovering and shooting capabilities, ideal for indoor flights.
  • Altitude Hold Mode: Set and maintain the drone at a fixed height for steady shots.
  • Gesture Photo/Video: Capture moments with simple gestures within the 1-3m range.
  • Follow Me Mode: Drone automatically follows and captures you, providing hands-free flying and selfies.
  • Waypoint Flight Mode: Plan and execute flight routes with the touch of your fingertips.
  • Fixed Point Surround: Choose a point, and the drone will fly around it in a circular path.
  • Brushless Motor: Powerful, reliable, and quiet operation for an enjoyable flying experience.
  • Foldable Design: Compact and portable, making it easy to carry on your adventures.


  • Camera: 4K UHD, 360° Obstacle Avoidance (L900 Pro SE MAX)
  • Flight Time: 28 minutes
  • Remote Control Distance: 1200m
  • GPS: Yes
  • Motor: Brushless Motor
  • Charging Time: About 2 hours
  • Dimensions: 29295.5CM
  • Weight: 242.6g
  • Certification: CE

Package Includes:

  • 1 x L900 Pro SE MAX Drone
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Aircraft Battery
  • 2 x Spare Propeller
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Manual

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