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  • Phomemo-A4-Thermal-Paper-Long-Time-Storage-Continuous-Thermal-Paper-200-Sheets-Folded-Thermal-Paper-Papel
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M08F Thermal Printer Paper

$ 54.99$ 94.99

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TodasImpresoras presents the M08F Paper, a premium thermal paper crafted for thermal printers. This BPA-free and health-friendly paper offers a flat appearance post-printing, ensuring convenience and longevity with color stability for up to ten years. With exclusive compatibility for thermal printers, this eco-friendly solution eliminates the need for additional ink or ribbons, making it a cost-effective and sustainable choice for receipts, labels, and more. Experience hassle-free printing with TodasImpresoras’ M08F Paper.


Introducing TodasImpresoras’ M08F Paper, a specialized thermal paper designed exclusively for use with thermal printers. Thermal paper is a unique printing solution that undergoes color changes when exposed to heat, commonly employed for applications like store receipts and shipping labels. The M08F Paper stands out with distinct advantages over traditional thermal paper, ensuring a cost-effective and eco-friendly printing experience. Here are key highlights:

  • BPA-Free and Health-Friendly: The M08F Paper is free from BPA, ensuring it is harmless to health, distinguishing it from other thermal papers.
  • Flat Appearance After Printing: Unlike traditional paper roll-type thermal paper that tends to severely bend after printing, the M08F Paper maintains a flat appearance.
  • Long-Lasting Color Stability: This thermal paper boasts an impressive color retention of up to ten years, even without exposure to high temperatures and sunlight.
  • Printing Guidelines: Users are guided on proper usage, ensuring the correct side faces up when printing with the M08F printer, offering ease of use and convenience.
  • Exclusive Thermal Printer Compatibility: Thermal paper is designed for use exclusively with thermal printers, preventing issues associated with laser and inkjet printers.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The M08F Paper eliminates the need for additional ink or ribbons, contributing to environmental preservation by avoiding pollution caused by traditional printing materials.

TodasImpresoras’ M08F Paper is not just a printing solution; it’s a forward-thinking, user-friendly, and eco-conscious choice for all thermal printing needs.

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200pcs – Quick Dry, 100 pcs – Tattoo, 200pcs – Continuous, 100pcs – Double Side Print


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