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Milk Frother

$ 19.99

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Experience the convenience of perfect frothy milk with the USB Rechargeable Milk Frother. Its efficient 12000rpm motor whips up rich foam in just 30 seconds, all while being stable and quiet. The USB rechargeable feature allows for eco-friendly usage, with a 3-4 hour charge providing up to 15 hours of frothing delight. Enhanced with a portable hanger bracket, it’s travel-friendly and easy to store. Crafted from durable and rust-resistant stainless steel, cleaning is a breeze. Elevate your coffee experience with this compact and user-friendly milk frother.


  • Efficient Motor: The milk frother features a powerful 12000rpm motor, ensuring the production of rich and delicate foam in approximately 30 seconds. It operates with stability and efficiency, preventing milk foam from splashing during the frothing process. Additionally, it incorporates a noise reduction function for a quiet operation, ensuring it won’t disturb others.
  • USB Rechargeable: Designed with environmental consciousness, this electric milk frother is equipped with USB charging functionality. The built-in 1200mAh lithium battery allows for a full charge in 3-4 hours, providing up to 15 hours of usage. This feature adds convenience and portability to your frothing experience.
  • Portable Storage: Upgraded with a hanger bracket, the coffee frother handheld now comes with a convenient storage solution. It is attached to the charging stand, eliminating concerns about cable placement. This portability makes it suitable for travel or camping, ensuring you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee wherever you go.
  • Easy to Clean: Crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel, the mini drink frother is durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. After use, simply wash it with soapy water or rinse it with tap water. Note that the plastic body is not water-resistant, so it’s advisable to wipe it with a cloth. This ensures a hassle-free cleaning process for repeated use.

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