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P180 Selfie Stick

$ 37.99$ 49.99

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P180 Selfie Stick: Elevate Your Photography Game Capture moments with precision using the XIAOMI P180 Selfie Stick. With a versatile design that extends up to 180cm, this retractable selfie stick doubles as a stable tripod, perfect for photography and business needs. Crafted from durable aluminium and PC/ABS (depending on the variant), it offers portability without compromising on versatility. The built-in wireless remote control allows for convenient shooting up to 10 meters away, functioning seamlessly as both a traditional selfie stick and a quick-use tripod. Its 360° rotating pan-tilt ensures the perfect angle for photos, video calls, or live broadcasts. Compatible with the latest smartphones, the XIAOMI P180 is your go-to accessory for capturing moments effortlessly. Order now and experience elevated photography convenience!


XIAOMI P180 Selfie Stick with Pan-Tilt & Bluetooth Remote: Capture Every Moment with Precision


  • Brand Name: MIUI / XIAOMI
  • Material: Aluminum, PC (MIUI), Aluminum Alloy, ABS (XIAOMI)
  • Adaption: Smartphones
  • Folded Length (mm): 300
  • Model Number: P180
  • Support Remote Control: Yes
  • Max Extended Length (mm): 1800
  • Weight (g): 180

Product Description: Introducing the XIAOMI P180 Selfie Stick, a versatile and innovative accessory designed for capturing flawless moments with precision. With a maximum extension of 180cm, this retractable selfie stick transforms into a tripod for stable shots, making it perfect for photography, business, and more. The lightweight yet durable aluminum and PC/ABS construction (depending on the variant) ensures portability without compromising versatility.

Wireless Bluetooth Control: Equipped with a built-in wireless remote control, the P180 allows you to capture the perfect shot effortlessly. With a 10-meter remote control range, it functions as both a traditional selfie stick and a quick, convenient tripod.

Adjustable Holder Tripod: The 360° rotating pan-tilt provides flexibility, allowing you to rotate the phone holder for horizontal or vertical camera modes. Achieve the perfect angle for photos, video calls, or live broadcasts by simply rotating the cradle or phone holder.

Widely Applicable: Compatible with the latest smartphones, the P180 ensures easy application and precise positioning, expanding your shooting range for a variety of scenarios.


  • Type: Phone Stabilizer
  • Color: Black
  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Length: 29.5-180CM
  • Remote Range: 10M

Note: This is a Xiaomi Chain Link product without the Xiaomi logo. Experience the ultimate in selfie and photography convenience with the XIAOMI P180 Selfie Stick. Order now and elevate your capturing experience!

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P180, P180-V1, P180-V2, P180-V3


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