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Smart Bin 15L

$ 45.99$ 50.99

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Introducing the Ecofriendly Induction Smart Bin 15L – a sleek and intelligent solution for your waste disposal needs. This rectangular standing bin, featuring an eco-friendly design, employs advanced induction technology for automatic and touchpad-controlled opening and closing. With a model number of 68173, this bin combines style, functionality, and convenience.

Crafted from durable plastic, the bin offers a generous 15L capacity. It operates on AA batteries (not included), ensuring a long battery life for continuous use. The touchpad and induction features provide versatile opening methods, including a responsive 0.3-second cover opening with a wave of your hand or a kick touch sensor.

The intelligent induction system boasts a 30cm range, effectively keeping you away from bacteria. Enjoy a comfortable and low-noise experience with soft opening and closing mechanisms. For added convenience, the bin includes a built-in bag box, allowing you to change bags at any time.

Upgrade your waste disposal routine with the Ecofriendly Induction Smart Bin 15L – where style meets functionality in a bin designed for modern living.



Shape: Rectangular
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Type: Induction Type
Style: Touchpad
Structure: Standing
Model Number: 68173
Material: Plastic
Induction Distance: 0 - 30cm
Capacity: 15L
Power Supply Mode: AA Battery (not included)

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15 L White, 15 L Black, 15 L Gray


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