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Volcano Humidifier

$ 34.99

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Introducing the Volcano Humidifier – your all-in-one solution for a serene and healthy living space. This multifunctional device serves as a humidifier, air purifier, and aroma diffuser, making it perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, offices, and more. With a large 450ml water tank and ultrasonic atomization technology, it mimics the Flame Mountain eruption, creating a soothing water mist. The ultra-quiet design ensures a noise level below 36dB, promoting a peaceful sleep environment. Choose from two spray modes and enjoy the ambient LED imitation flame lights. Designed with safety in mind, it automatically stops when water is low, preventing dry burning. Experience over 6 hours of continuous humidification with this innovative Volcano Humidifier.


Product Name: Volcano Humidifier
Product material: ABS+PP+electronic components
Product color: white
Product size: 110*110*135.5mm
Package size: 113*113*143mm
Product weight: 340g
Lighting effect: Yellow gold, blue, progressive color
Water tank capacity: 450mL
Type: Atmosphere

Product List: Flame Humidifier*1, USB Charging Cable*1, Manual*1, Spare Cotton Swab*1

Main function: humidifier/air purifier/aroma diffuser
Occasion: bedroom, dining room, home, living room, office
Safety guard: If the indoor humidity is too low, the evaporation will be faster, and the dry air will easily take away the moisture in the body and make the skin dry. Moreover, stimulating the nasal mucosa can easily induce respiratory diseases. This air humidifier can effectively reduce indoor pollution and inhibit bacterial infection.

1. Large capacity water tank, about 450ml
2. Ultrasonic atomization technology
3. Imitate the eruption of the Flame Mountain to spray water mist
4. Ultra-quiet design, the noise is less than 36dB, does not affect sleep
5.2 Spray mode selection
6. With LED imitation flame lights
7. Automatically stop working when lack of water, prevent dry burning, safe and secure
8. Humidification time: more than 6 hours
product information

1. In the case of connecting to DC 5V, the power indicator light of the plug-in model is always on;
2. Short press the first function button to turn on the jellyfish volcano spray mode, and the default flame light;
3. Short press the function key for the second time to turn on the flame mode spray, and the default flame light;
4. Short press the button for the third time to shut down;
5. Long press the function button (1.5 seconds), the light will switch, the sequence: flame-blue flame-turn off the light.

Timing function
(The default timer is 6 hours after booting)
1. Short press the timing button for the first time, and the timing will be 2 hours, and the corresponding 2h indicator light will be on;
2. Short press the timing button for the second time, the timing is 4 hours, and the corresponding 4h indicator light is on;
3. Short press the timing button for the third time, the timing is 6 hours, and the corresponding 6h indicator light is on.

Additional information



Plug Type

USB Plug


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