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Waterproof Housing for GoPro

$ 29.99

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The Autoeye Waterproof Housing (Model: Gopro-FSK) is a robust and reliable accessory designed for GoPro Hero 12, 11, 10, and 9 Black action cameras. With a waterproof depth of up to 60m, it is perfect for underwater adventures such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming. Crafted from high-strength PVC material, the housing provides full-body protection, safeguarding the camera against water, dust, and shocks. The high-quality tempered glass lens with AF and AR dual coating ensures easy cleaning and scratch resistance. The package includes essential accessories like a quick plug, long screw, anti-fog inserts, tempered glass screen protector, floating grip, and color filters (compatible only with this housing). Upgrade your filming experience and capture stunning underwater moments with confidence. Note: Camera is NOT included.


Autoeye Waterproof Housing for GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9 Black (Model: Gopro-FSK)

Brand: Autoeye

  • Model Number: Gopro-FSK
  • Compatible Action Camera Brand: GoPro
  • Type: Waterproof Housings
  • Material: PVC

Note: Camera is NOT included!!


  1. Underwater Capability:
    • Designed for use up to 60m underwater, this housing is perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and various water sports activities.
  2. Full Body Protection:
    • Offers full-body waterproof protection for GoPro Hero 12, 11, 10, and 9 Black Action Cameras, safeguarding them against water, dust, and shocks.
  3. High Strength PVC Material:
    • Constructed with high-strength PVC material, providing durability and withstanding conditions up to 60m underwater.
  4. High-Quality Tempered Glass Lens:
    • Equipped with a high-quality tempered glass lens featuring AF and AR dual coating, ensuring easy cleaning and scratch resistance.
  5. Quick Release Mount:
    • Built with a standard quick-release mount and a long screw, facilitating easy attachment of other accessories to enhance your filming experience.

Package Includes:

  • Waterproof Case x 1
  • Quick Plug x 1 (optional by different kits)
  • Long Screw x 1 (optional by different kits)
  • Anti Fog Inserts x 1 (optional by different kits)
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector x 1 (optional by different kits)
  • Floating Grip x 1 (optional by different kits)
  • 3Pcs Color Filters (optional by different kits) – Note: The Color Filter is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH OUR WATERPROOF CASE.

Optional Kits Include:

  • Quick Plug
  • Long Screw
  • Anti Fog Inserts
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Floating Grip
  • 3Pcs Color Filters

Note: Camera is NOT included!!

Tempered Glass Screen and Lens for GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9 Black (Optional by Different Kits)


  1. Hard and Durable Surface:
    • Tempered glass surface manufactured under special processes for hardness and durability.
  2. Bubble-Free Application:
    • Static technology eliminates the bubble effect, ensuring a firm attachment to the camera LCD.
  3. Easy Removal:
    • Can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue.
  4. High Transparency:
    • Offers high transparency with 99.5% clarity, preserving the camera’s display quality.
  5. Color Chrome Strengthening:
    • Strengthens with color chrome on the camera, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
  6. Scratch Protection:
    • Provides scratching protection for the camera.
  7. Compatibility:
    • Suitable for GoPro HERO 12/11/10/9 Black action cameras.

Equip your GoPro Hero 12/11/10/9 Black with the Autoeye Waterproof Housing for unparalleled underwater filming experiences. This housing, constructed from high-strength PVC material, provides full-body protection up to 60m underwater. The high-quality tempered glass lens ensures clarity and scratch resistance. The package includes various optional accessories, and the camera is not included. Choose the optional kits to enhance your filming capabilities further.

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