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ALCANTARA Case for Samsung Galaxy S Series

$ 20.99

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Indulge in luxury and protection with our Alcantara Cover, meticulously crafted from premium Italian-imported material found in high-end sports car interiors. Choose from a palette of sophisticated colors to showcase your refined taste. Enjoy a comfortable, hydrophobic texture that resists deformation, alongside easy installation, scratch-free handling, and fast heat dissipation. This case goes beyond style, offering strong wear resistance, durability, and wireless charging support. Elevate your smartphone experience with elegance and functionality that stands out.


Experience the epitome of sophistication and protection with our Alcantara Cover, meticulously crafted from premium Italian-imported Alcantara material. This luxurious material, also gracing the interiors of high-end sports cars and private yachts, ensures your smartphone receives the style and safeguarding it truly deserves. With a range of elegant colors to choose from, including Black, Green, Red, Gray Blue, Blue, Light Gray, Gray, and Dark Gray, this case is a testament to individuality and refined taste.

About Material: Made from durable Alcantara, the case offers a superior touch and comfort. If your hands tend to sweat, the “Black” variant is recommended for a secure grip. The material is not only comfortable but also features excellent hydrophobicity, preventing deformation even with prolonged use. The Alcantara Cover is easy to install and disassemble, ensuring a seamless fit without the risk of scratching your phone. Enjoy fast heat dissipation, wear resistance, and long-lasting quality. The case is an exquisite and upscale gift option, supporting wireless charging for added convenience. Additionally, its washable material allows for easy maintenance, ensuring a pristine appearance.

About Structure: The Alcantara material seamlessly blends into premium TPU+PC, providing a perfect fit for your smartphone. Precision punching ensures all buttons and switches maintain accurate sensitiveness, offering a strong press feedback. The concave design around the camera hole adds a touch of dimensionality to your phone, while the precise cutting enhances dustproof effectiveness. Elevate your device protection and style with the Alcantara Cover, a harmonious blend of luxury, functionality, and meticulous craftsmanship.

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Black, Gray blue, Green, Dark gray, Red, Blue, Gray


Samsung S23, Samsung S23 Plus, Samsung S23 Ultra


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