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Anti-gravity Air Humidifier

$ 33.99$ 34.99

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Introducing the Sarmocare Ultrasonic Humidifier, a versatile and stylish solution for your household. With a mist discharge method, this tabletop/portable humidifier operates at a low noise level (<36dB) and features a power-efficient design (10W, 24V). The classic columnar shape, available in white or light green, seamlessly fits into your home decor.

Equipped with touch control for humidity adjustment, this humidifier covers an application area of 41-60㎡, making it perfect for large spaces. Its anti-gravity design, coupled with aromatherapy functionality, provides a holistic experience. The 0.5-1L water tank capacity ensures lasting performance.

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, timing functions (2-8 hours), sleep aid, silence, and air purification with this multi-functional device. The ABS+silicone shell and plastic material ensure durability, while the essential oils diffuser enhances the atmosphere. Elevate your living environment with the Sarmocare Anti-gravity Humidifier – where technology meets tranquility.


Brand Name: Sarmocare
Humidification Method: Mist Discharge
Power (W): 10w
Voltage (V): 24V
Noise: <36db
Capacity: <1L
Use: Household
Mist Outlet Quantity: One/a
Installation: Tabletop / Portable
Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes
Function: Aromatherapy
Application: 41-60㎡
Humidity Control: Touch Control
Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier
Shape: Classic Columnar
Classification: Humidification
Timing Function: Yes
Noise: Below 36dB
Model: Anti-gravity humidifier
Function: Aromatherapy, timing, sleep aid, silence, air purification
Timing function: 2-8 hours
Water tank capacity: 0.5-1L
Air Humidifier: Essential Oils Diffuser

Product Information

Applicable area: 31-40 square meters
Water tank capacity: 0.5-1L
Applicable to: household use
Function: Aromatherapy negative ion humidifier
Mist outlet: 1
Operation mode: mechanical
Timing function: 2-8 hours
Water shortage and power outage protection: not supported
Power supply mode: AC power
Appearance: Circular
Noise: below 36dB
Rated voltage: 111V~240V (including) (V)
Rated power: 5 (W)
Colour: white, light green
Shell process: ABS+silicone
Material: Plastic

Additional information


Light Green, White


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