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Axnen HQ3 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

$ 99.99$ 160.99

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Axnen HQ3 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal – Specifications:

  • Brand Name: Axnen
  • Axnen Model: HQ3
  • Number of Axes: 3-Axis
  • Titling Angle: 320
  • Rolling Angle: 320
  • Panning Angle: 320
  • Configured for: SMARTPHONES
  • Communication: Bluetooth
  • Type: Handheld Gimbal
  • Package: Yes
  • Feature: Following the shooting mode
  • Supported Mobile Device Max Size: 6.4 inches
  • Certification: CE
  • Max Controllable Speed: 320
  • App Setting: No
  • Vertical Shooting: Yes
  • Support Remote Control: Yes
  • Charging for Mobile Device: No
  • Weight (g): 295g (included battery)
  • Size: 2194299 mm (folded)
  • Camera Integration: No
  • Material: ABS+Glass Fiber
  • Charging Method: 5V 1A
  • Product Load: 280g
  • Support Phone Width: 55-85mm

AXNEN HQ3 Details:

Important points to note:

Answers to Questions about the Use of AXNEN HQ3:

  1. Why does my HQ3 keep shaking or vibrating with an electric current sound?
    • Before turning on the HQ3 Gimbal, ensure the mobile phone is placed in the center. Failure to do so may cause abnormal vibration or shaking.
  2. Why does my HQ3 work, but it won’t charge?
    • Use the provided USB cable or a USB-A to TYPE-C cable for charging. Cables with TYPE-C at both ends cannot be used.
  3. Why can my HQ3 only light up the FPV light but not be turned on?
    • If the HQ3 can only light up the FPV light and not turn on, contact customer service for assistance.
  4. Why does the joystick suddenly not work during the use of my HQ3?
    • The gimbal has a limit angle. If the HQ3 is manipulated to the limit angle position, it will activate self-protection. This is normal and can be resolved by taking the HQ3 right, ensuring it’s not in a tilted state, and shaking the phone slightly.

AXNEN HQ3 Foldable 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer:


  • Product Name: AXNEN HQ3 Gimbal Stabilizer for Mobile Phone
  • Product Dimensions: 219mm×42mm×99mm (folded), 92mm×248mm×42mm (unfolded)
  • Product Material: Environmental Protection ABS + Glass Fiber
  • Charging Method: 5V1A
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Product Load: 260g
  • Support Phone Width: 55-85mm
  • Endurance Time: Laboratory stationary placement test results are 9 hours
  • Product Weight: 295g (battery included)
  • Bluetooth Device Name: HQ3+ Last 4 serial numbers


  • Three-Axis Anti-Vibration System: Perfect for shooting.
  • Small Size, Big Function: Combined with various modes, high-accuracy anti-vibration system, and Bluetooth-compatible remote-control function.
  • One-Key Operation: Easy operation after connecting Bluetooth in the smartphone, avoiding complicated learning.
  • No Fear of Hand Shaking: Ideal for shooting while walking, ensuring balanced and smooth footage.
  • 3-Axis for More Stability: Greatly enhances gimbal stability for steady shooting or live broadcasting.
  • Stable Horizontal and Vertical Shooting: Freely switch from horizontal to vertical shooting, meeting the needs of various video platforms.
  • Comfortable & Foldable, Easy to Carry: ABS + Glass Fiber material, comfortable non-slip handle design. Weighing 295g (battery included).
  • Pan Following Mode (PF): Tilt axis and roll axis keep the same direction, and the lens rotates with the direction of the handle.
  • Horizontal Lock Mode (HL): Roll axis remains horizontal, and the lens rotates in the direction of the handle.
  • FPV First Person View (FPV): The lens follows the projection direction of the handle to simulate the first-person visual effect.
  • Global Lock (GL): Press and hold the trigger button to enter into full lock under PF/HL mode.
  • Manual Lock: Hold the mobile phone clip by hand, pull it to the specified angle in the tilt direction, and stay for half a second to lock the current angle.
  • Perfectly for Various Smartphones: Supports smartphones with a width of 55-85mm and a load of less than 280g.
  • Large Battery Capacity: Built-in 2200mAh Li-battery, running up to 8 hours for continuous filming during a long journey.
  • Record a Good Life: Suitable for various scenes, directing life to find wonderful moments.


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