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Baseus 17-in-1 Docking Station

$ 124.99

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The 17-in-1 Docking Station is a versatile hub offering extensive connectivity with up to 16 ports, including triple 4K HDMI, USB 3.0 and 2.0, SD/TF card reader, and a 1000Mbps LAN port. Designed for laptops with USB-C, it supports fast charging, efficient data transfer, and triple extended displays. The Baseus VL817 master chip ensures functionality and protection against overheating. Compatible with various devices, including laptops from Dell, HP, Lenovo, and MacBook series. Note the importance of laptop USB-C compatibility and recommended settings for triple displays on Windows and MacOS. The docking station provides a smart and efficient solution for users seeking enhanced productivity and connectivity.


The 17-in-1 Docking Station is a versatile connectivity hub designed to enhance your productivity by providing a wide range of ports for multiple devices. With up to 16 ports, including triple 4K HDMI outputs, USB ports, PD Type-C, and more, it serves as a comprehensive solution for connecting various peripherals to your laptop. The docking station boasts compatibility with laptops featuring USB-C ports, such as Dell XPS, HP Pavilion, Lenovo, MacBook Pro/Air, and others.


  • Triple Extend Display: Support for up to three displays, with actual pixel resolutions up to 4K@30Hz using a single HDMI port.
  • Fast Transmission & Stable Network: Multiple USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports for data transfer, SD/TF card reader, and a 1000Mbps LAN port for a fast and stable network connection.
  • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with laptops supporting USB-C with Power Delivery, DisplayPort, and Data Transfer. Also supports Samsung Galaxy S and Huawei flagship series with DP Alt Mode.
  • Smart and Safe: Equipped with the Baseus VL817 master chip to ensure proper functionality and protection against overheating.


  • PD USB-C Ports: Supports up to 100W fast charging; requires a 60 to 100W PD charger for laptop power.
  • HDMI Ports: Three ports individually support up to 4K@30Hz; 1080P@60Hz when casting on 2 or 3 displays.
  • USB Ports: 3 USB 3.0 ports (5Gbps), 2 USB 2.0 ports (480 Mbps), and 2 USB-C ports (5Gbps).
  • SD/TF Card Reader: Supports SD/TF cards up to 2TB.
  • Audio Port: 3.5 mm jack for wired headphones and microphones.
  • LAN Port: RJ45 LAN port for a stable and fast network connection (10M/100M/1000Mbps).

Notes and Recommendations:

  • Ensure laptop USB-C port supports PD, DP Alt Mode, and Data Transfer.
  • Connect laptop to the docking station using the provided USB-C to C cable.
  • Use an external charger with power >65W for laptop charging through the “PD” port.
  • Follow recommended settings for triple display on Windows and MacOS systems.
  • DP version compatibility information provided for Windows and Apple devices.

Additional Information:

  • Details on the interface description, power requirements, and compatibility with specific devices.
  • Guidelines for casting or mirroring on three screen displays and system-specific settings.
  • Clarification on DP versions based on CPU generation and compatibility with Apple devices.

This 17-in-1 Docking Station offers a comprehensive solution for users seeking expanded connectivity options, efficient data transfer, and multiple display support for enhanced productivity.

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