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Baseus Bowie E12

$ 34.99

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The Baseus Bowie E12 Short Stem True Wireless Earbuds feature a compact design with a short stem for comfort and style. With Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, these earbuds offer a stable connection and quick pairing. Boasting 30 hours of total audio playback with the charging case, they provide a long-lasting and immersive listening experience. The 13mm dynamic drivers deliver high-quality sound, and the 0.06s low-latency ensures synchronized audio for gaming and videos. The Baseus Rapid Charge feature enables quick charging, and users can customize their experience through the Baseus APP. Whether for video games, mobile phones, or work/study sessions, these earbuds offer a blend of functionality and elegance.



The Baseus Short Stem True Wireless Earbuds combine a sleek design with powerful features. With a short stem design, these earbuds are lightweight and comfortable, making them suitable for various activities. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, they ensure a stable and fast connection, and the 13mm dynamic drivers deliver high-quality sound. Enjoy a total of 30 hours of audio playback with the included charging case and experience low-latency audio with a response time of 0.06 seconds. The Baseus Rapid Charge feature allows for quick charging, and users can further customize their experience through the Baseus APP. Ideal for video games, mobile phones, office work, or study sessions, these earbuds offer versatility and convenience in a compact package.

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