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BASEUS Crystal Magnetic Case

$ 23.99

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Elevate your iPhone protection and style with the BASEUS Crystal Magnetic Case, a brand new upgrade featuring a transparent design and enhanced features. This half-wrapped case boasts magnetic attributes, making it compatible with fast wireless charging, including MagSafe. With a focus on both aesthetics and functionality, the case features rounded edges, scratch-resistant lens protection, and aviation-grade magnets for a secure fit. The speaker dustproof design for iPhone 15 series adds an extra layer of innovation. Enjoy a seamless and comfortable user experience with improved designs, including a 1:1 mould cutout and button cut-out design. The package includes a complimentary cleaning kit and tempered-glass screen protector, making it a comprehensive accessory for your iPhone.


Elevate your iPhone experience with the BASEUS Crystal Magnetic Case, a brand new upgrade featuring improved designs and high compatibility for fast wireless charging. This half-wrapped case is meticulously designed with enhanced features, ensuring optimal protection and a seamless user experience. Explore the detailed specifications and benefits that make this case a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Specifications and Features:

  • Brand Name: BASEUS
  • Type: Half-wrapped Case
  • Design: Transparent
  • Features: Magnetic, Anti-Fingerprint, Dustproof, Water-Resistant, Wireless charging
  • Compatible Brand: APPLE

Product Parameters of Magnetic Case:

  • Brand New Upgrade with Improved Designs
    • Appearance: Lens fully covered, Speaker dust-proof.
    • Touch: Comfortable and rounded edges.
    • Charging: For MagSafe magnetic fast charging.
    • Anti-oxidation: Long-lasting cleanness.

High Compatibility for Fast Wireless Charging:

  • Supports magnetic wireless charging with instant identification for Magsafe magnetic fast charge.

Aviation-Grade Magnets:

  • Upgraded 38 aviation-grade N52 magnets with attraction up to 12N, secure and tight adsorption.

High Light Transmittance:

  • 92% anti-reflection raw material making the logo backboard clearly visible.

As If Nothing Was On:

  • Experience Round frame reduces the feel of abruptness, more comfortable than the bare phone.

Scratch-Resisting Lens Protection:

  • Full-enclosure design effectively protects the lens from scratches.

SGS Drop Shatter Test:

  • Drop from a 1.2m distance, no visible damage to the phone whatsoever.

1:1 Mould Cutout:

  • Restore the magnetic sphere 1:1, seamless fit with precise button cutout.

Button Cut-out Design:

  • Button cut-out design keeps your operation smooth and responsive.

Speaker Dustproofness Design:

  • Upgraded dust-proof protection to keep your speaker clean and fresh and won’t affect the sound.

Premium Material, Thinner Design:

  • Improved shatter resistance with reduced thickness.
    • Fingerprint-resist coating
    • Nano scratch-resist layer
    • PC reinforced layer
    • Built-in magnet ring

Stay Smooth and Fresh:

  • Electroplated AF coating, as a tempered glass screen protector, effectively against fingerprints and yellowing.

Packaging Details:

  • Please note: This package box is based for iPhone 15 Pro, the detailed package cover will be based on the phone model you chose.


  • Case*1
  • Cleaning kit*1
  • Tempered-Glass Screen Protector*1

Case with Standard Magnet:

  • Case without Standard Magnet

Immerse yourself in cutting-edge protection and style with the BASEUS Crystal Magnetic Case, designed to enhance your iPhone experience with its advanced features and meticulous craftsmanship.

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Standard Magnet


Case & Screen Protector

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For iPhone 15, For iPhone 15 Pro, For iPhone 15 Plus, For iPhone 15 Pro Max, For iPhone 14, For iPhone 14 Pro, For iPhone 14 Plus, For iPhone 14 Pro Max, For iPhone 13, For iPhone 13 Pro, For iPhone 13 Pro Max, For iPhone 12, For iPhone 12 Pro, For iPhone 12 Pro Max, For iPhone 11, For iPhone 11 Pro, For iPhone 11Pro Max


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