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Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

$ 36.99

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The Bluetooth Wireless Mouse offers a sleek and ultra-thin design, available in stylish white or black colors. Certified with CE, it seamlessly connects to your laptop via Bluetooth for a wireless and convenient user experience. With a touch roller for easy navigation, ergonomic support, and a 5.8GHz wireless transmission frequency, this mouse provides reliable connectivity. Its compact size, featuring two buttons and a 1600dpi photoelectric resolution, makes it an ideal choice for on-the-go computing, delivering precision and style in a portable package.


The Bluetooth Wireless Mouse is a sophisticated and ultra-thin peripheral designed for seamless integration with laptops. Certified with CE, it operates via Bluetooth, providing a wireless connection method for enhanced convenience. With a sleek design available in white or black, this mouse supports ergonomic use and features a touch roller for versatile navigation. The 5.8GHz wireless transmission frequency ensures reliable connectivity. Equipped with two buttons and a photoelectric resolution of 1600dpi, this mini mouse is perfect for on-the-go computing, offering precision and style in a compact form factor.

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White, Black


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