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Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum

$ 279.99

Brand eufy
Model Name L60
Special Feature Ultra Strong 5000 Pa Suction, iPath Laser Navigation
Color Black
Product Dimensions 12.8″L x 13″W x 4″H
Surface Recommendation
Hard Floor & Tile & Medium carpet
Controller Type
App Control&Alexa&Google system
Battery Cell Composition
Lithium Ion
Item Weight
6.9 Pounds
  • Unleash Powerful Cleaning: With Ultra-Strong 5,000 Pa Suction, this robot vacuum effortlessly removes hair, crumbs, and dust in just one pass, ensuring a spotless living space.
  • Enjoy Efficient Navigation: The eufy robot vacuum’s Precision Mapping with iPath Laser Navigation uses advanced Lidar technology, creating accurate maps for efficient cleaning routes around your home.
  • Conquer Obstacles: Capable of climbing up to 20 mm, the robot vacuum easily overcomes thresholds and carpet edges without getting stuck, ensuring extended cleaning coverage.
  • Experience Intelligent Suction Control: BoostIQ Technology in the eufy vacuum robot automatically increases suction power when needed, ensuring maximum cleaning efficiency on all types of surfaces.
  • Customize Your Cleaning: AI.Map 2.0 allows for specific room selection, No-Go Zone setup, and Multi-Floor Mapping, offering a personalized cleaning experience right from the app with our robot vacuum









Product Description


1. Does the robot vacuum support 5GHz Wi-Fi for network configuration?

Yes, the L60 supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, plus Bluetooth for easy setup, enhancing success rates. For any setup issues, contact eufy support for prompt assistance.


2. Why does the robot vacuum have only one side brush?

The model features iPath navigation and a single side brush. This design allows for efficient cleaning patterns and wall-edge cleaning, guided by smart sensors. It ensures optimal performance and lowers maintenance costs.


3. Can the robot vacuum work well on carpets?

Our RoboVacs can handle carpets up to 26mm thick but may struggle with thicker or harder ones. They can cross from floor to carpet up to 24mm. For fringed carpets, we suggest setting up a no-go zone to avoid the vacuum getting stuck.


4. Is the hair cleaning performance good?

The RoboVac has a suction power of 5000Pa, resulting in a good cleaning effect. However, if your home has a lot of hair, we recommend regularly cleaning the accessories to ensure the machine’s cleaning efficiency.


5. Are the consumable accessories for the L60 (such as side brushes, filters, etc.) are available?

Sure, accessories are available. You can purchase them from our Amazon official store. If you have trouble purchasing a part, please get in touch with eufy. We will try our best to help you get one.


Additional information

Weight 6.9 kg
Dimensions 12.8 × 13 × 4 cm

Model Name


Special Feature

Ultra Strong 5000 Pa Suction, iPath Laser Navigation


Product Dimensions

12.8"L x 13"W x 4"H

Included Components

Batteries included

Filter Type


Battery Life

120 minutes


260 Milliliters

Power Source

Battery Powered

Are Batteries Included


Control Method


Compatible Devices

Smartphones, Amazon Echo

Form Factor


Item Weight

6.9 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Batteries required




10 reviews for Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum

  1. Andrew Bean

    This (really long) review is for the Eufy 11S Max robot vacuum (Robovac). Please note “Max” vs regular 11S. They may look the same; but the Max uses a different filter and has the higher 2000pa suction. Otherwise the functions and options (other than suction choices) are the same. I’ve used the 11S Max for the last month on my low pile carpet (about 80% of the roaming area) with the rest being tile or linoleum flooring. It has been quite fascinating to watch so I’ve actually put about 85-90 charge cycles on the unit over the last month (yes, three times a day on most days and it’s still finding more dirt/dust than I would expect).Right up front, I’d definitely buy another when it comes time to replace this one. After comparing how I vacuum my flooring, especially to pick up my biggest carpet enemy; short stray bits of dried grass stems, the “random” wandering of this vacuum model made more sense to me than the other fancier choices. Most vacs do a good job with dust, dirt, sand, cheerios, etc. but these stem pieces are only picked up by a vacuum when it comes at the stem with the brush roller pretty much parallel to the stem. That means random directions will more likely get these pesky problems than an organized back & forth cleaning approach. Granted it may take a few cleaning cycles or several passes over the same area during one cycle; but since the Robovac has completed its first 5-6 cycles I rarely find them anymore or if I do spot one it’s not for very long.Robovac is a big time saver as well as an energy saver for me. I would use my canister vacuum about an hour each week for routine cleaning and once a month for 2+ hours to do a more thorough cleaning. A watt-hour meter indicated that my canister vacuum used 5-6 kw-hr of electricity each month. Robovac uses about 12 watts continuously for about 4 hours when charging (surprisingly less than the 5-6 hrs listed in the manual; but it is brand new). Once the battery is charged, the power consumption drops to about ½ watt. When Robovac is away cleaning, the charging base uses just ¼ watt for the homing beacon. So if used just once a day; Robovac would only use about 60 watts per day. That means once-a-day cleaning would only use 1.8 Kw-hr energy per month. By letting Robovac take over the regular weekly cleaning with once a day operation (or less), I’m able to cut my electric bill by an easy 3-4 kw-hr/month.With that said, there are a few things that I think need improved:First, there should be an interlock on the dust bin – Robovac will merrily go off about it’s scheduled cleaning cycle without the bin installed! So if removed for emptying; don’t forget to re-install the bin before the next scheduled operation. Plus, I noticed on a couple occasions, that I wasn’t paying attention and I left one corner was about 1/8” out from fully inserted. Not sure if that will cause suction leaks; but you need to make sure the bin is completely inserted.Second, you can’t select “max” (or any power level) when using the remote to manually clean an area. It appears to only operate on “standard” suction with manual operation (i.e., when Robovac is not running a regular cleaning mode and you chose to override it’s direction). In addition, if you select the remotes’ edge or spot cleaning modes it will automatically go to “max” power for the duration of that mode and you can’t choose IQBoost or standard power level on those selections.Third, I don’t know why the 20 minutes for edge cleaning or 30 minutes for quick cleaning was selected. Robovac can make it about 60-70% around my home in the 20 minutes of edge cleaning. If edge cleaning mode was permitted to run until it made a trip all way around and back to the charging station where it could dock to finish that mode would work better. An alternate solution would be if I could set the cycle time for edge cleaning and quick cleaning modes. Plus I’d like having an option for it to simply stop when the time is up rather than automatically returning to the base. When I want just one room cleaned; I’ll set Robovac to auto or quick mode in that room, then close the door or put down a barrier, and return later to stop it manually and take it back to the charging base. If I don’t return in a timely manner Robovac will be trying to locate the charging base and running the battery down.Fourth, Robovac cleans edges using only its right side pretty much all of the time. It would be helpful to have it randomly choose using either the right or left side whenever edge cleaning. I watched it edge clean a carpet/wall area three times going only in a counterclockwise direction (right side) and it still didn’t pick up all the dust bunnies. I used manual control with it hugging the wall on its left side and it picked them up with no problem. Also, be aware that manual operation, when Robovac is not already working in a selected cleaning mode (overriding current movement), only works while the remote buttons are pressed. Robovac stops all functions shortly after a button is released when used manually.Fifth, I really don’t need to run Robovac on a daily schedule – there should be a weekly scheduling capability even for the least expensive robot vacuums. It shouldn’t be that difficult or expensive to update this model to correct this issue. Even if it’s the same set cleaning time, every day for the selected days; just give me the ability to schedule cleaning cycles one to seven times a week.Sixth, when the battery runs low, Robovac can take forever, if it makes it back at all, to the charging base. I will routinely go looking for it if I haven’t seen it return within 10-15 minutes after the approximate cleaning time has passed. The age-old solution for solving a maze (your home from Robovacs’ perspective) is to constantly follow along obstacles using just one side (Robovac does recognize when it’s circling something like a coffee table and adjusts accordingly after a 360 degree rotation). This method is how Robovac tries getting closer to the charging station when it’s more than about 15ft away and not in line-of-sight (the charging base emits an infrared signal for homing action – make sure you keep Robovacs’ bumper and the base clean). Sometimes Robovac occasionally gets diverted or the software tells it to try something different) and it will go off in another (often wrong) direction (extremely frustrating!). I highly recommend observing Robovac perform it’s return operation from various areas in your home. I ended up placing a 2×4 along the end legs of my sofa as Robovac was consistently going along the side skirt, under the skirt at front of the sofa, then around the front leg exiting the side of the skirt, and then heading straight across the room. It would then go thru three other rooms and come back to the sofa again. The 2×4 forced Robovac to continue edging under the sofa, along the back wall, and out the other end which has an end table that mimics the 2×4 at the opposite end. Before using the 2×4, Robovac took well over an hour to get back to the charging base (it eventually changes up it’s routine, usually after three tries) and required 5 hrs to recharge. With the 2×4, Robovac has been able to get back from the far end of my house to the charging base in under 20 minutes very consistently. While the ability to improve Robovacs’ return mode is really limited to what you can do, the key point I’m making here is that the battery will always give you more charge cycles (longer life) before needing replacement if you can get Robovac back to the charging base as soon possible.Seventh, pay attention to the thin rubber wiping strip on the brush guard. After 60+ cycles I noticed the ends of the thin rubber strip (about 1/16” of it’s height) were tearing away. I believe this was most likely due to moving back and forth over edging from tile/linoleum to carpet or maybe due to the floor mounted furnace registers in my home. I simply trimmed the torn bits off to keep them from getting caught by the brush. After about 100 cycles I noted the rest of the 1/16” strip was now gone. This impacts the tile/linoleum cleaning far more than carpet; but it is something to watch for. I highly recommend checking the rubber strip during brush cleaning and purchasing a brush guard replacement as part of a maintenance set. Hopefully the manufacturer will improve the thickness or type of material used to prevent or at least reduce this problem occurring in the future.Next, a few helpful hints I’ve learned or didn’t find in the owner’s manual:The “bowl” shape on top of the charging base with the white LED is just right to hold the remote control, button-side up. However, I prefer to turn remote controls’ button-side down to keep them cleaner so it’s up to you if you use it or not.I’ve had a few occasions when Robovac actually bumped into the charging base so it was no longer sitting square against the wall. This will impact it’s ability to find the base when the battery is low. I took a used rectangular-shaped one quart motor oil bottle from my recycling bin, cleaned it thoroughly, and filled it with sand. It’s now a 3-4lb weight sitting on top of the charging base. I haven’t had the base re-positioned since adding the weight. Normally Robovac does a good job avoiding the charging base; but not always.Robovac “parks” about 1/2” away from the charging base tower. If you are careful, you can swipe a cloth over the bumper sensors to clean off any surface dust that has collected (always seems to be some); however, be careful as Robovac might activate while you are doing this. You might also get a solid red indicator without any beeps. This error isn’t described in the manual; but I’ve found if I just lift Robovac off the charging base for few seconds and then replace it, it will change back to the charging orange color. (I suspect the solid red indicates a sensor error) It’s also quite easy to remove/replace the dust bin during charging. Unfortunately you will need to flip Robovac on it’s back to remove/clean the side and roller brushes as well as the bottom IR sensors and charging contacts, so remember to turn Robovac off with the topside button before doing this or get used to it trying to start up while you are cleaning it. Also make sure the blue/orange indicator light is on when you reposition it on the base. Sometimes Robovac will remain off rather than return to charging mode.After two or three cleaning cycles I’ll do a regular check on the all the brushes and swap left and right side brushes when they are re-installed; seems to straighten and make them work a little better, maybe last longer too.Oddly the remote control spot clean button symbol and the manual indicate a clockwise spiral for the cleaning operation; but when I’ve selected it, Robovac has always used a counterclockwise rotation.If the side brushes happen to “hang up” on something, Robovac will stop spinning them while it maneuvers around the obstacle and then restart the brushes when it thinks it is clear. Don’t assume there’s a problem when you see this unless Robovac beeps and the indicator turns red.The flat handle end of a spoon or fork works great for prying the filter free from the bin for cleaning. Every time I have tried using my fingers; it pops out tossing dust/lint everywhere.The IQBoost mode doesn’t seem to change going from hard flooring to low pile carpet or vice versa in my home. I think this is because the low pile carpet just doesn’t cause enough “drag” for it to recognize that it could adjust the suction level. (I’m still not clear as to whether there’s just two suction levels or if Robovac can vary linearly between the two) While the manual indicates a 40 min run time in “max” mode with medium nap carpet, I’m obtaining about 60 minutes with my low nap carpet. I do find the “max” mode clearly picks up more dust. I ran Robovac 20+ times on IQ mode before switching to “max” for its scheduled operation. The filter has clearly shown a thicker layer of accumulation on the filter.When “max” mode is set as default you will occasionally hear the vacuum whining noise change briefly. Best I can figure is it’s a software glitch where the IQBoost code tries to adjust the suction level; but then resets it to max. I normally hear this shortly after Robovac goes from one flooring type to another. It also occurs shortly after it starts it’s routine.Robovac does not communicate back to the remote. So if for instance, you press edge cleaning and Robovac doesn’t get the message, the remote will show it should be performing edge cleaning even though it’s not. Similar situation when Robovac is recharging or is returning to recharge; the remote will still show it’s in the selected cleaning mode rather than the “charging” icon. You simply have to pay attention that Robovac has recognized your command by a “beep”.I found using the basketball nozzle with my Ryobi P737 inflator does an excellent job cleaning the filter. It takes only a couple minutes to clean both the filter and the bin (outdoors of course!). The original filter has been cleaned well over 100 times now and other than being a little dingy it’s still working great. This should help stretch the recommended replacement interval to more than 2 months compared to the recommended “tapping it” to clean. Do not use the “canned” compressed air as I frequently find it wets surfaces during extended spraying and the Robovac filter is a paper element.If you have a sofa, chair, etc, with stiff or heavy cloth skirting down to the floor; I suggest safety pinning up at least a foot or two of the skirting on an open side. When or if Robovac switches to using the proximity mode for cleaning AFTER it gets under the furniture, the skirt will appear like a wall and it will keep running around underneath the furniture until it switches to a collision mode where the weight of the skirt generally will not trip the bumper sensors and stop it from escaping.I’m glad I’ve used Robovac during the daytime so I could track it down and figure out what trouble it got into during its normal operation or when I expected it to be back at the charging base. The alarm beep sounds can easily be missed when it’s far away from you. Plus, when it powers down after getting stuck can make it lot more challenging to find! It’s a lot easier to locate when the vacuum sound is still going or even if it’s just the quieter wheel motors running it around looking for the charging base.To wrap up my review. I’ve found Robovac to be a well built, nicely designed, and quite durable robot vacuum. The $160 price I paid is quite reasonable with excellent cleaning ability (given it has about 1/10 the suction of a typical canister vac). It has good battery run times (my mixed flooring on IQ mode lets Robovac run about 80-85 minutes before recharging), and it is a wonderful time and energy saver. If you’ve been thinking about a robot vacuum without all the extras (or just don’t like vacuuming), the Eufy 11S Max is a great choice.

  2. Sandi

    I have had another robot vacuum for years until it finally wore out and fixing it was not an option. So, after looking at several brands of robot vacuums, I decided to purchase this one. I am so glad I did. This one has some really fantastic features. The first being that you can change the suction power per room. That means that a room with carpet can have a different suction power than the rooms with wood floors. Next, for people with long haired pets, this vacuum will not only empty itself, but it will also clean the rollers and cuts off the hair from the rollers. And for any pet owner that has had to sit and cut the hair off the vacuum roller bar, this is a game changer. The thing to note about using this robot vacuum is that the first time I used it, my carpet was left with giant hair balls all over the floor. I was shocked and upset, so I upped the suction power for the carpets and pulled out the manual vacuum and cleaned the carpet again. The next day, when the robot vacuum was finished, there were even MORE hair balls on the carpet, but smaller in size. Why? My old robot vacuum was not doing the job properly and I didn’t notice. These hair balls were old hair that had worked its way into the carpet and my old vacuum was just skimming the top. Not getting down into the carpet. It took a week of daily running to pull all of the hair from out of the carpet. My carpet now looks brighter and really clean. No more hair balls. This vacuum is quieter than my last vacuum, except when it is set on high suction power. Then it is noisy. But as I have continued to use this vacuum, I have been able to lower the suction power for the carpets for 6 days and then run it on full suction power for day 7. And on day 7, I still got no hair balls. There are 5 levels of suction power, and I am now vacuuming the carpets on setting 3 and it works beautifully. This is amazing. Well worth the cost of this unit and I intend to purchase a second one to split the house in half.

  3. Alessya

    This is the most stripped-down no-frills robovac that has only one function and no features, but it does what it’s supposed to do. I have a more advanced robot, but the lidar blimp makes it taller, so I still use the 11s max in some areas due to its slim profile. Since it has no navigation ability and just bumps around, I usually just lock it in a smaller room until the battery runs out (it’s about 90 min on lowest suction and maybe 25 min on max). I don’t use it unless I’m home because it gets stuck or lost all the time. The bristled brush style is terrible for long hair, I wish they had a rubber brush version, especially since it does absolutely nothing on carpets anyway – the daily hair removal is my biggest pet peeve on this machine. It does work well on hard floors and picks up a surprising amount of dust and debris from a small space that’s cleaned daily. It definitely cleans better under my low bed than I do with a canister because I can’t see anything underneath, and the bot spends a lot of time bumping from one support to another to really attack those dust bunnies.If you want something that avoids obstacles or cleans systematically, you need to look elsewhere. If you just want something to control dust between full cleanings, it will do the job. Don’t plan on quick spot cleaning either as it the spiral pattern blows more dirt away than into the vac.

  4. RAMoffat

    Summary: I read a LOT of reviews about a LOT of products of a similar nature before I leapt in to buy this, my first robot. Overall, this product was good SOLID value for the money.I have now owned it for for OVER a year now, used daily and this analysis is based on close observations during that period. NOT one of those folks who buy it an write a review five minutes after they pull something out of the box. Here are the key points you should consider when buying a Robot to sweep your floors.1. Price – Look…Price was definitely a consideration at buy in. I studied many models before I bought this one. These kinds of robots overall cost money. $$$. Of course, I am old school. These days some folks buy a Cell phone that cost $500 dollars to $1000 and think nothing of it. To me that is WAY too much. Ditto many models of similar robots. At the time I bought it the robot was on sale so I got a price that was $100 cheaper than competitors whose reviews read about the same as this one did. So the buy in pricewise was a good solid deal that was in what I consider the medium to upper low cost affordability range. Perhaps you would think nothing of spending $850 on a robot. Not me. Like goldilocks, this one was just right. SECRET Costs you may not think about: Some reviews address this, but consider these things as being costs IN ADDITION to buy in: Filters: This thing has a filter. I recall one review whining that filters cost too much. Let me be clear. If you want a new HEPA filter for it every week or two, they will cost you. Me? The filter does not seem to me to very critical since I do not really plan on the robot cleaning my air. It gets dirty and dusty. As a result, I pull it every other use and wash it out under a faucet in my kitchen (a two minute job), let it dry a bit and then put it right back in the machine (Which is super easy to do…no tools or anything – just pull out – click in.) After reading one alarmist review prior to buying, I bought one spare filter at the same time I bought the robot thinking I might find it was true. So far, after a year or more of use, I STILL have not replaced the filter. Just keep using the original. Think about it. Brushes – I bought a kit with spare brushes when I bought the robot. Glad I did. Buy at least one set just to you have them around when you need them. The brushes twirl around and shove cat hair into the maw of the thing as it races around. Somewhere. Somehow, as it toodled about around the six month mark, it threw a brush. (They snap on and off easily) Like a horse throwing a shoe, this is to be expected. This thing runs all over on its own so I could not find where it lost it. To this day I STILL have not found the missing brush. No problem. I just grabbed a spare, snapped it on and it kept on going. Tools – The kit I bought early came with a little cleaning/maintenance tool. See my section on Maintenance below about tools.2. Utility – Utility to me means ease of use. Based on a year of hard use for my robot you should consider the following lessons learned about utility: CLEANING FLOORS a. Does is really sweep ALL the floor? Read a lot of reviews and looked at a variety of designs. Some reviews that I recall said “This thing finds a LOT of dirt. Where does it get it all?” After a year of emptying it (You DO need to empty its evening sweep into your trash, usually every day – VERY easy to do – again click out- click in) I totally agree! This thing finds a TON of dirt and dust that is NOT obvious to the naked eye. Frankly, that is its job and I need to make clear here that it does its job really really well. VERY SATISFIED b. To be utter clear however… I have a three story house. To define that though that is two stories with WOODEN and some tile Floors and a third floor that is mixed wood, carpet and concrete. PRO: I cheat. One robot for three floors of my house! Every day or two I pick it up from its charger, move it from floor to floor to let it clean a different floor whenever the mood strikes me. Works great! More, this thing cleans almost all of those floors flawlessly – especially the wood, tile and concrete bits. It sneaks into lots and lots of corners, under furniture and stuff and it never, ever runs off the edge of stairs. Completely satisfied. I admit I may be so satisfied because wood, tile and concrete are 92% of my floors and it is flawless on those types of floors. CON: This is a real review, not a feel good propaganda babble. If there is a con to this robot it is carpets. Specifically, it WILL work across modern carpet. That is carpet that is tight, laid level with the rest of the floor and has nothing to hang it up on. However, it struggles to go over edges, so if there is an edge to your carpet, a strip that it has to ride up over OR (Like me) you have a carpet or two that are Persian Style rugs with tassels at the end, just be advised that it WILL choke as it tries to cross these barriers. You can still do these surfaces, but you will have to stay nearby and bail it out when/if it hangs up… which feels time wasting. This should not make you hesitate to buy based on this review UNLESS you have a lot of these carpet barrier things about your house, in which case you will be annoyed by this robot. To be fair however, you may be annoyed by ANY robot under those conditions. Just think about it before you buy. ******** Utility NOTE! This is a final note on utility. The REAL Nemesis of any robot is WIRES/Cords. Once you own one, you will figure this out pretty quick. You will need to get your cords under control since the robots will find power cords on computers, lamps etcetera and choke up on them. 80% of the time when it does not return to its charger at after you program it to clean (Smart folks program that between 1AM and 3AM – unless you tell it to go manually for some reason) you will have to track it down to find it hung up on wires. Once again, to be fair, I think this is true of virtually all robots. They are not too bright about wires. The other 20% of hang-ups comes from some oddity in your furniture. I have particular chair in my study whose side supports are JUST a bit too short for the robot to go under, so it drive in there and wedges itself into the spot and cannot get free on its own. Just to you know, this is fair enough, robot makers cannot anticipate every single possible piece of odd furniture. Just figure it out through trial and error, but enjoy all the cleaning it does WITHOUT you paying the slightest attention. A small price to pay.*********Utility NOTE 2: The control – Comes with a remote. To be frank, I only use two or three features on the control. I tested them all at the beginning, but I’ve forgotten what the rest do. Most used? Manual use button. Because of how I use it on other floors, the automatic run feature is only good on one floor. Works flawlessly as far as I can see. I tote it to the second floor, put it down, hit the manual timed button and off it goes. I wander back up an hour two later, hit the off button and walk it back to its charger. Second most used? The recharge button – This tells it got back to recharge station manually. If you you do not want it to keep going you can interrupt its cycle and it will go back to its recharging. Usually use this when I am watching a show, it starts on its own and I find the noise distracts me from watching. Third most used feature? The manual steering controls. One review I read said this machine is really stupid. That is half true. It does fine most of the time, but if you want to steer it manually on occasion you can. I have a table I want to make sure it does under in a certain way, so I just point and click it to drive it into the bits when I want them to be cleaned.3. Maintenance – Look. Old soldiers will tell you. Preventative maintenance will allow you to keep using your equipment day in and day out. This robot IS reliable IF you know you will need to maintain it! If you are lazy you will hate doing maintenance. I just make it part of day’s routine and do not resent it. Thus I am very satisfied. My routine is to pick it up about 5 PM, sit and work on it for three to five minutes WHILE I watch TV. WHAT? You cry! Why so much work! The work is there because the robot does its job. All you are doing is making sure it keeps doing the job without hassle. Once again, whatever nonsense if advertised, I imagine ALL robots require this kind of looking after. PLAN on it. This one I suspect is no better or worse than any other. Do not go into it blind though.Here is what you need to know: a. You will need a little tool to do maintenance. If you buy the little kit with filters, brushes and a tool in it, know this. The tool is a hokey little plastic thing that CAN work… but takes a bit more time to use. Specifically it has a comb to clear tangle in your brushes. This works well. It has a little brush to brush dust off filters, off the inside of the dust/dirt collection box, etc. This works adequately. It ALSO has a little razor blade letter opener thing on one side intended to clear hair from rotors (Two types) This is a weak tool that works, but is time consuming and tedious to use. You are better off getting a little tool with steel blade or hook on it. Something you can use to really dig hair out of spots where it winds itself around a brush or rotor. Dig through your kitchen drawers, tool boxes or the $2.00 bins a the hardware store until you find something that works better for you. Maintenance: Enemy number one if long hairs. I have two women in the house. I am sure they do not mean to shed, but shed it they do somehow. This is what happens. As the little brushes turn they pick up hair and push some of it into the bin…BUT they also wind around and around the spinning brushes. Every other cleaning I find a wad of it around both brushes. There is also a rotor on the bottom the turns and does the sweeping up.. It ALSO picks up long hairs. Some will wind around the rotor proper and must be cut off or pulled off. This is the easy part. The hard part is that some will wind around at the ends where the bristles stop. This is where the recommended tool I mentioned will pay for itself as the hair tends to knot up tight in wind after wind. You will have to dig it out and cut it loose. You must also empty the bin at the same time. I also wash the bin out now and then along with the filter. Once a month or month and half the front wheel may also need to be tugged out (It pulls out and pushed back in easily) It ALSO gets hair down in there around its axle, though not nearly as fast as the rotors and brushes do. That is it. I will only close by saying I have NOT owned every robot in the world, but I imagine these periodic maintenance requirements will be very similar for ANY robot… NOT just this one, so if my maintenance picture here appear to be too gloomy, don’t let it be.OVERALL: I am totally sold on having a slave machine keep my floors swept. Rather it than me! Call me lazy bones. A little maintenance now and then is well worth this machine. Go ahead and buy one. Jump in the water’s fine.

  5. R.K.

    This review is very similar to my 11S+ review — I loved the 11S+ so much that I bought the 11S Max for upstairs, wanting the higher suction for use on carpet.Lots of negative reviews from people who seem to have not understood that this is a random motion robot. Keeping your expectations in line and realizing that even with a random pattern the whole house will eventually be covered at least every few days, which is way more than I ever vacuumed manually.Another source of bad reviews is the frequent comment that it is “lacking” internet connectivity. For me that’s a huge bonus as I didn’t want an internet connected device because many consumer grade IOT devices have very poor security.I bought two similar models, one downstairs and one upstairs. We have dark laminate flooring downstairs and it felt like even if I vacuumed regularly there’d still be stuff showing up shortly after I finished. I’d do a whole house vacuum every week, but it still felt like I couldn’t keep up, so I initially bought the 11S+. I loved it so much that I bought this 11S Max for upstairs just a short time later.Since the 11S+ is so similar, I’ll combine details from both in this review as they’re relevant here too.For context, this is in a household with two long-haired adults, no kids, no pets.Downstairs on laminate and tile flooring with only an area rug and fairly basic furniture everything works perfectly. The initial robot got stuck once on day two in a corner where I had some chairs stacked up and gained the nickname “Waldo”… “Wall-e, the garbage collecting robot… got stuck… where is he? Where’s Waldo?!”, but hasn’t gotten stuck anywhere since. It reliably finds its way home every day. Every day at lunchtime I come downstairs from my home office and empty the bin and I’m shocked by how much stuff is in it, wondering how I ever lived in such dirty conditions! hahaMy wife and I agreed that this is the best thing ever, so I bought another for upstairs, which has carpeted floors. Things are a bit different there. Nearly every single room upstairs has an obstacle that it doesn’t like, and I’ve had to do a LOT more robot-proofing.It found its way into the walk-in closet and got tangled on a shirt that had a string fringe and got stuck. It gets up on the legs of the clothes drying rack in the bedroom and makes a LOT of noise going over them, repeatedly. It got stuck under the bed in the guest bedroom that had JUST enough clearance to get under, but not back out. In the home offices it gets hung up on desk legs. In my office it gets up on the legs of my music stand. Once it started beeping after going a bit too far over the edge of the stairs. The downstairs robot can go about its business daily w/o any problem, but the upstairs one has a problem in every single room. I’m gradually finding ways to deal with the problems room by room (such as 3d printed bumpers on the desk legs), but it has been somewhat of a challenge.Like the downstairs robot it’s SHOCKING how much crap the thing picks up every day, even after a deep vacuuming with our Sebo D4. Being as this one gets stuck so often it got the nickname Dodo. I still love it, it keeps things cleaner, but does require a lot more babysitting. Over time I expect it’ll get better as I continue to robot-proof to keep it away from areas where it shouldn’t be.As for the long hair mentioned before: On day 1 I tested before a deep-vacuuming, with about 2 weeks of accumulation and it got REALLY tangled with hair, but I did a deep vacuuming by hand and since then it has kept up enough that hair has not been a problem at all.Pros: Very quiet, good coverage (I seldom see a missed spot), picks up a crazy amount of stuff even when you think there’s nothing for it to find, cheap maintenance parts, easy setup, no apps nor wifi connectivity to phone home and potentially compromise your home network.Cons: None if your house is robot-proof, some people may have zero problems, some might have a LOT of problems.The filters for the MAX are a bit harder to find than the non MAX models. I did try to swap the dust bins between my two units and they are interchangeable. I’m not sure which filter is better than the other, but I might eventually replace the dust bin with one from an 11S so that I can use the more commonly available filters. I suspect that the filter change is part of why the MAX models have a higher suction rating as the simpler filter probably has less air-flow restriction, but I do like having the pre-filter on the other unit as it’s easier to keep clean.

  6. RobertR

    We recently moved into a home that has mostly hardwood floors. The former owner had a dog, and we are still finding hairs that have probably built up in the ductwork. My wife was sweeping the floors several times a week, so she suggested we get a robot vac. I read the reviews and decided this was the best machine for my budget. This thing is awesome! The first time we ran it, it took a while to map out and traverse the kitchen, dining room and living room, learning all the obstacles. I did a good job of cleaning the floors and a decent job on the area rugs (it didn’t like rugs with fringed ends). The second time we ran it, it was much quicker. I love how it finds its way home and empties into the charging station. The machine is relatively quiet during operation so it’s not too distracting. I highly recommend this product for its price, functionality, and ease of use.

  7. J. Whiteside

    I always thought these robot vacs were kind of a silly gimmick, too expensive for not enough gain. After a couple friends raved about their robovac’s, I made excuses like “My home layout is too complex!” and “I’ll need three of them to vacuum my home!” But, the robot wars have made them cheaper and better, so I decided to finally give in on a good deal with this new model from a well trusted brand. I wasn’t willing to pay for units with home mapping features and no-go zones, but with this unit, I don’t feel I even need it. Turns out, I am absolutely thrilled with the performance and price point of these Eufy’s.There is little doubt this unit is just slightly smarter than a bag of hammers. Thank goodness I can make it do it’s work at 4AM when I don’t care how many times it goes over the same spot or misses something that is just “right over there you stupid bleeping robot!” But, day after day, this hunk of electronic sensors strapped to a vacuum comes home with a bin full of stuff. I’m at the point where I don’t even know where it gets the stuff and I’m seriously questioning my ability to clean my house. And also somewhat ashamed of the filth that I’ve lived with and didn’t even know about.It goes places it probably shouldn’t and if you have any degree of OCD, it will hurt your brain to watch it. It goes under furniture and shelving where it barely manages to escape, plays ping pong with table/chair legs for a bit and it has an inexplicable infatuation with the clear storage totes under my guest bed. It’ll really like one area/room for awhile, but then will go elsewhere, only to be back 2 minutes later…and you’re like, “Well, that was the *least* efficient way to do that. Whatever, a goldfish is smarter than you.” Whenever I’m in the kitchen doing something, it has the whole lower floor it could be cleaning, but it will insist several times on cleaning the spot right under my feet. It loves to chase my cats and in turn, my cats will engage it in a battle of home domination, swatting it and trying to eat the spinny brushes while it charges. One cat will lay on the lower step and lazily swat at it as it goes by. Just when you think there might be the slightest sense of intelligence and you’re having this “It’s alive!” moment, it reminds you how dumb it is by gently ramming itself into a piece of furniture. I don’t know how it does it, but despite looking like it couldn’t find it’s way out of a paper bag, it somehow manages to find home base for charging most of the time.But, it gets around, even in an ever changing layout. It deals with my wood floors, several area rugs and a section of medium pile carpet without much incident. It hasn’t once tried to go over a stair in my home. It gets probably a good 70%+ of a complex, 1,000 square foot U-shaped layout of my main floor, with plenty of furniture making navigation much worse. But, it does that 70%+ every day and I don’t even have to think about it. Based on the sheer amount of cat hair and dust this thing picks up daily, I’d say the suction and pickup mechanisms are pretty good. I can’t tell you if they’re better than older Eufy or other branded units, but the spec’s say so.I was worried about how much of my lifestyle I’d have to change to adapt to this thing. Turns out, very little. I can still leave stuff around if I want and it won’t try to eat everything in its path. It does occasionally try to commit robot death on various cat toys the kitties leave about, but that’s maybe one 1 out of 10 times it needs saving. I have a rug in my kitchen that it loves to push into a pile, but that’s only a minor annoyance and doesn’t cause it harm. I have to be careful not to leaving charging cords and such about. Once every couple weeks it won’t find it’s way all the way home, but it’s usually pretty darn close to the charging station by the time it dies. I thought it might become inconvenient to “save” the unit from it’s self-inflicted stupidity, but the value it provides exceeds the inconvenience.I can see why people like these things. And there’s a good chance I may buy the three I need, maybe this one or maybe others. But, for now I’m pretty happy with this one. It’s a 5 out of 5 cat toy and a pretty useful home appliance that will save you time and improve your home’s upkeep. I’ll update this review with any significant changing opinions, but for now this “dumb, smart thing” gets 5 stars.Update: About 4 months after running this thing daily, one of the side brush motors started to malfunction. Normally, a product malfunctioning that soon would irk me to reducing my review stars immediately, but I sucked it up and contacted support. I requested, specifically, to do a self repair of the brush motor right out of the gate. They didn’t request for me to send it in for repair, demand an expensive cross shipped replacement or question my self-assessment to repair equipment that I owned. They just told me they have the part in stock, requested I send them a video of the problem, asked for the address and put the brush motor in the mail. They then confirmed that if this didn’t make it work right, they would still support me until it did. They worked with me exactly how I wanted them to, stood behind their product 100% and for that, not even a single star will be reduced from my original review.Update 2: I knocked two stars from my review. Not because of the unit, which is still great, but because of the replacement air filters. They are $11 for TWO of them! That’s nearly 3 times the price of the previous filters, or about a $65 annual operating cost when changing them out once a month. IMO, that’s simply too expensive for a vacuum and even my high end upright isn’t nearly that expensive to operate using *HEPA grade* vacuum bags. Not just that, they are incredibly terrible for the environment by requiring you to buy the substantial plastic filter housing every time. Had I known this at the time of my purchase, I would have selected a different unit – probably the initial version of the 11S.Final Update: I’ve decided to just let this thing die a slow and painful death. Both of my side brush motors went out, as did the one that I replaced. It’s still marginally effective without them, but definitely not as good as having them. Eufy’s support reached out to me several times, which was great, but I have better things to do than rip this thing apart every few months to fix plastic parts that will fail again in 3 months. I expect more from something I’m paying $200+ for, definitely not three of the same exact failures within a year. Oh, and there’s much cheaper 3rd party filters available for this guy now.

  8. Texas pet mom

    I have had the Eufy L60 for about 2 weeks. All of my floors are tile. Originally I set eufy up in my master bedroom walk in closet on my 2.4g network. This closet has no doors. Eufy would get stuck in the adjacent bathroom and couldn’t find its way back to the base. It also had difficulty going over my small, thin bathmats without either rolling them up or getting stuck. I relocated the robot to another bedroom and connected it to a 5g network. It now finds its way back to the base with no problems. As far as how well it vacuums the tile floors, it does the job but is nothing spectacular. Apparently the bin is fairly small because it returns to the base and and empties the bin a couple of times in its sweep of about 2000 sq ft. It works best with the app but I had a hard time figuring it out. . Also, it comes with a quick setup sheet but I had to go to the eufy site for more instructions. It is not as noisy as my 8 year old Rumba iRobot. I hope it lasts as long! What I love is the self emptying feature. ( I have one small dog and 3 cats )

  9. Mike F.

    — Updated Review – October 27, 2021 –Our poor RoboVac ‘Rosie’ had a mental breakdown where I ended up contacting Anker Support. ‘Rosie’ was stopping every few inches, rotating in place, and going another few inches, and kept repeating this pattern until she return to her charger or die in the middle of the floor. There were other issues that appeared but were traced back to this main issue. I was in email contact with Rita with Anker support, she suggested I do some tests. Eventually, it came down to the front of the bumper that was overly scuffed and scratched. She sent me out a new one which fixed the problem. Then another issue arose. An off sound from one of the motors. It had a very faint sound of clicking. After running some tests it was the right brush motor that was the issue. I assume it was a gear tooth in the motor that had broke. Rita sent me a new motor to replace it. I am very satisfied with the customer service I received and the free parts they sent me to fix my ‘Rosie.’ Rita was very helpful and she gave me instructions on the tests to run and how to replace the parts. She even offered to replace the RobotVac if I wasn’t comfortable in switching out the parts. Anker stands by their warranty and will do what it takes to fix your RobotVac or just replace it altogether if it gets too technical.– Original Review – June 11, 2021 –Who knew a robot vacuum would clean better than I do?!? I am shocked that she fines as much dirt as she does every day. Of course, with 3 people and a dog who tracks in almost everything from the outdoors, maybe I’m not that shocked. I’ve had this little robot vac for almost 3 months now. We named her Rosie, from The Jetsons. HAHA. This is actually the second one because the first one had some battery errors that Anker support told me to just return her to amazon since she was only a few days old. Every night at 10:30 PM Rosie goes out in the night and cleans. During the day, I’ll set her out to clean the second floor and/or the basement. Sometimes she is cleaning 3 times a day. I worry I might be overusing her and eventually wear out her components faster. I do have a few issues with her though. She requires maintenance every day or every other day:1) Cleaning the roller brush left end. The reason is that hair gets wound up around the roller brush end axle so tight that it errors out. I’ve been cleaning the brush almost daily to prevent it from burning out the motor. The last thing I want is a broken robot vac. Worst, having to buy replacement parts! I wish Anker would come up with a way to prevent hair from winding around this area.2) To extend the life of the side brushes, I’ve been rotating them and cleaning them. I am not a fan of having to buy replacement items for her. She does come with 2 replacement side brushes, but I have not used them yet.3) To extend the life of the filter, after every clean cycle she completes, I empty the “dust collector” compartment and tap the filter on the side of the trash can to try to get rid of as much of the dust as possible. I also blow out both the dust compartment and the filter with a compressed air bottle. I saw a question here asking if you can wash out the filter. I might try it when blowing it out no longer works. She does come with an extra air filter, but I have not used it yet.4) This is not a daily maintenance task, but an issue. The brush guard covering the roller brush has this rubber piece that spans the back of the brush guard that I think helps corral the dust and debris to be sucked up into the dust compartment. Half of it tore. I’m sure it might have gotten caught on something when Rossie went over our floor registers (vent covers) or something else. I’m not thrilled this happened. However, instead of calling Anker support, I decided to use some electoral tape. I had to take it apart to apply the tape that folds over the rubber piece lengthwise. Too early to say if it works. I just did it.5) She does not do edge cleaning very well. When set to this mode, or even in automatic cleaning mode, she will do the wall edges, but when she is going along the edge, she will come out of the wall a few inches and go back to the wall. Missing whatever dust or debris that might be there. I do not know why, there is nothing in her way, the floor texture is the same as the floor she just went over, and her sensors are clean. Also, she does not do 90-degree inset corners at all! After a few weeks, I notice a lot of debris in the corners. After watching her go along the edges, I see that she 1) does not have long enough side brush to reach the inside corner, and 2) she will sense the inside corner wall too early and turn, missing the corner. She will also sometimes pull around an outset 90-degree corners too much. Therefore, she does not hug the wall very well in general.6) She tries to climb sloped bases to floor fans or desk legs, etc., eventually getting stuck. I made a 2-inch base for the floor fans, so she won’t try to climb them. Although I can’t do much for the other sloped surfaces.7) She will also get stuck under our bathroom freestanding vanity that has an opening under it that also has sloped inward legs that she will get wedged under. Therefore, we just close the door to that bathroom to prevent her from going into it. I might put a piece of wood behind the opening to prevent her from going under it.I know the above grievances sound like major issues, but they are not. I am overall very thrilled to have this little vacuum and think it has been a blessing to have her. We love her, clean her, and enjoy her in our household. I would do anything to make her cleaning job easier. I would recommend this robot vacuum to anyone who is considering getting one. I wish I had one for each floor. But cannot afford to do so even though this is one of the cheapest robot vacuums out there.A funny story involving Rosie. One morning I noticed she did not return to the charging base. I went out looking for her with the remote. I kept pressing the start button on the remote to get her to respond. I kept hearing a faint beeping sound but could not determine where it was coming from. I narrowed it down to the living room sofa, a chair next to the sofa, and a box between the two. I looked under and around the sofa and the chair. I was confused about where she could be. The beeping sounds were muffled, and I thought maybe she somehow wounded up in the basement. Before looking in the basement I decided to move the box out of the way. Lo and behold she was under the box! I didn’t place the box there the night before, so I had no idea it was actually a lid to another box. It must have been on its side. When Rosie was cleaning, she ran into the lid, bumping it and therefore making it fall on top of her. Trapping her inside! It was a pretty funny situation. If she could blush or feel anything, I’m sure she would be embarrassed. LOLI hope this was a useful review! Thanks for reading it!

  10. Rebecca N. Anderson

    My 2 cats and I recently moved from a 3 bedroom house to a small 2 bedroom apartment. And even though I vacuum around their box every day when I clean it and I don’t wear shoes inside, the floor was getting visibly dirty within a day or two. So, having the Eufy vacuum every day is definitely helping to control the fur and dirt. And it’s able to vacuum both floors and area rugs with no problem. However, it can get hung up on electrical cords, thin scatter rugs (like the bath mat), and other things close to the floor (it pruned the lowest leaves off my big philodendron). So you have to “child proof” to minimize this, but unless you have no floor lamps in the house, it will get stuck once in a while. And it will move light items like dining chairs and the cat dishes when it bumps them. This is only a minor nuisance until it sloshes the water bowl and then sucks up and spreads the water, making a worse mess than it cleans. Again this can be avoided by “child proofing”, but it’s a bit annoying.Finally, although it is less work than getting out the big vacuum every other day, it needs to be emptied daily. So you can’t leave it alone for more than a day. It also needs to be cleaned weekly, but the included cleaning tool works very well, so it only takes me 5 minutes or so.I still get out the big vacuum once a week to get the spots Eufy can’t get to, but overall it is helping keep the floor looking and feeling cleaner. But now that I’ve lived with it for about a month, I wish I’d bought a slightly fancier model that learns not to run into things. And if you travel regularly, you should consider getting a unit that empties itself daily.

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