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Floating Grip for Action Cameras

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The Anordsem Floating Grip (Model: an-21-06) is a must-have accessory for water sports enthusiasts and action camera users. Crafted with a high-quality non-slip foam handle, this waterproof grip ensures a tight hold and extra comfort during use. Its bright orange end enhances visibility, preventing the worry of losing your GoPro or other action cameras in water. Perfect for activities like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, surfing, and rafting, it securely holds your camera or other waterproof devices. Compatible with GoPro Hero, Osmo Action, Yi, and various sports cameras, this durable ABS grip is designed to withstand the challenges of water adventures. The package includes one Non-Slip Floating Grip, providing peace of mind for capturing unforgettable moments in and around the water.


Floating Grip for Action Cameras (Model: an-21-06)

Brand: Anordsem

  • Model Number: an-21-06
  • Compatible Action Camera Brands: DJI, Yi, Insta360, Sjcam, EKEN, GoPro
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Skeletons & Frames
  • Material: ABS


  1. Non-Slip Grip Design:
    • The Floating Grip features a high-quality non-slip foam handle that provides a secure and comfortable grip. The non-slip design ensures a tight hold, delivering extra comfort for extended use.
  2. Worry-Free Floating:
    • Designed to keep your GoPro or other action cameras afloat, the Waterproof Floating Grip is an essential accessory for water-based activities. The bright orange end enhances visibility, minimizing the risk of losing your camera in water.
  3. Perfect for Watersports:
    • This Floating Grip is the ideal companion for water sports enthusiasts. Whether snorkeling, diving, kayaking, surfing, or rafting, it securely holds your camera, waterproof devices, keys, or sunglasses.
  4. Wide Compatibility:
    • Compatible with all GoPro Hero models, Osmo Action, Yi, and other sports cameras, ensuring versatility across various action camera brands.
  5. Durable Material:
    • Crafted from durable ABS material, the Floating Grip withstands the rigors of water adventures. The non-slip foam handle remains comfortable and does not become sticky from sun exposure, unlike rubber grips.

Packaging Included:

  • 1 x Non-Slip Floating Grip

Enhance your water sports photography and videography with the Anordsem Floating Grip. Its non-slip design, worry-free floating capability, and wide compatibility make it an essential accessory for action camera enthusiasts. Crafted with durability in mind, this grip ensures a secure hold while providing comfort during extended use. The package includes one Non-Slip Floating Grip, allowing you to capture your aquatic adventures with confidence.

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