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Intelligent Mini AI Selfie Stick

$ 31.99

SKU cmon3ordq2ng00do4r10 Category

The Intelligent Mini AI Selfie Stick is a revolutionary handheld gimbal designed for digital cine cameras, offering a seamless and stabilized shooting experience. With NFC communication, it effortlessly pairs with phones of sizes ranging from 40-80mm. Available in stylish black, white, and pink, this selfie stick is more than a mere accessory – it’s a sleek and intelligent tool. Its AI-powered features, including 360° Face Tracking, Smart Lens Quick Response, and Gesture Control, redefine the selfie game. With Eight Advantages and a user-friendly design, it’s perfect for both casual users and creative professionals looking to capture moments with style and precision. The Intelligent Mini AI Selfie Stick is your key to smooth and professional-looking footage, ready to elevate your photography and videography experience.


Intelligent Mini AI Selfie Stick – Specifications:

  • Communication: NFC
  • Rolling Angle: 1
  • Configured for: Digital cine cameras
  • Titling Angle: 1
  • Number of Axes: 1-Axis
  • Type: Handheld Gimbal
  • Panning Angle: 1


  • Phone Size: 40-80mm
  • Product Color: Black, White, Pink
  • Example of Use: 1-3m
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh


  • Rotate and Follow, Face Tracking
  • Eight Advantages:
    1. 360° Face Tracking
    2. Smart Lens Quick Response
    3. Switch Easily, Lens Is Adjustable
    4. AI Recognition Gesture Control
    5. No App Required – Out-Of-The-Box
    6. Mini Body Portable Gimbal
    7. Random Angle Live As You Wish
    8. 180° Relax Flip
  • Universal Tripod Mount
  • Detachable Stable Chassis
  • Multiple Scenes
  • Creative Shooting

Detailed Description:

The Intelligent Mini AI Selfie Stick is a versatile accessory designed for digital cine cameras, offering smooth and stabilized footage with its 1-Axis design. It supports NFC communication and is configured for easy use with phones ranging from 40-80mm in size. Available in black, white, and pink, this gimbal is not only functional but also stylish.

With a battery capacity of 1200mAh, it’s optimized for use within a range of 1-3m. The gimbal boasts Eight Advantages, including 360° Face Tracking, Smart Lens Quick Response, Adjustable Lens, AI Recognition Gesture Control, Out-Of-The-Box functionality (no app required), Mini Body Portable design, Random Angle Live Shooting, and a 180° Relax Flip feature.

Additional features include a Universal Tripod Mount for versatile setups, a detachable stable chassis for added stability, and compatibility with multiple scenes, making it suitable for various creative shooting scenarios. The Intelligent Mini AI Selfie Stick is a user-friendly, feature-rich accessory for capturing professional-looking footage effortlessly.

Additional information


Pink, White, Black


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