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KF-106 MAX

$ 262.99$ 400.99

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The KF106 MAX Drone is a high-performance aerial photography device equipped with a 4K HD camera and 5G WIFI connectivity, ensuring stunning image and video capture. With intelligent features like 360° obstacle avoidance, GPS-assisted one-key return, and follow modes, including GPS intelligent follow and image follow, it offers a safe and user-friendly experience. Gesture shooting recognition adds convenience for hands-free photo capture, and multi-point flight route planning allows autonomous flight along pre-set routes. The drone’s 7.4V/2200mAh plug-in smart lithium battery provides an impressive 25-minute flight time. Additionally, the option for a spare battery and SD card enhances the overall usability and storage capacity of this versatile drone.


  • The KF106 MAX Drone is a professional-grade device designed for aerial photography with a 4K HD camera and 5G WIFI connectivity.
  • With a 360° obstacle avoidance feature, it intelligently navigates and avoids obstacles for a safer and smoother flight experience.
  • Equipped with GPS functionality, it supports one-key return to the take-off point, low power return home, and signal loss return home.
  • Intelligent follow modes include GPS intelligent follow and image follow, allowing the drone to identify and automatically follow the subject during flight.
  • Gesture shooting recognition enables hands-free photo capture within a 1-3m range from the aircraft by making specific gestures.
  • Multi-point flight route planning allows autonomous flying along pre-set routes, enhancing shooting flexibility.
  • Fixed-point surround feature enables orbiting around a selected center point using the joystick for creative shots.
  • The aircraft retrieval function assists in locating the drone by displaying its last distance, latitude, and longitude on the map.
  • The drone supports 4K/6K adjustable camera resolution for high-quality aerial imaging.
  • Powered by a 7.4V/2200mAh plug-in smart lithium battery, providing a flight time of approximately 25 minutes.
  • The package includes the aircraft, remote control, aircraft battery, spare propeller, USB charging cable, screwdriver, and a manual.
  • Optional accessories include an additional battery and SD card for extended usage and storage capacity.

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