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Kinscoter Volcanic Aroma Diffuser

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Introducing the Kinscoter Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier – a stylish and functional addition to your home. This USB-powered device combines the benefits of aromatherapy and humidification, creating a soothing atmosphere.

With a power of 5W and a voltage of 5V, this ultrasonic humidifier operates quietly with noise levels below 36dB, promoting a calm environment. The 130ml capacity is perfect for household use in spaces less than 10㎡. It also features water-shortage power-off protection, ensuring safety and longevity.

The Kinscoter 605 model offers a unique flame night lights feature, with powerful LED lights at the bottom creating a realistic flame effect. The colour of the flame can be automatically changing or set to your preference. The ultrasonic technology decomposes water molecules into nano-scale cold fog, dispersing the aroma and producing active oxygen anions.

Designed for convenience, this essential oil diffuser has a water-less auto-off function, ensuring it turns off automatically after 6-9 hours of use. The silent operation further enhances your experience, providing a quiet atmosphere for relaxation and promoting better sleep. Enjoy the adjustable 7 colours to create a warm and loving ambience in your space.

Elevate your home environment with the Kinscoter Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier, where technology meets tranquility.


Brand Name: Kinscoter
Humidification Method: Ultrasonic
Power (W): 5
Voltage (V): 5
Noise: <36db
Capacity: 130ml
Use: Household
Water-shortage Power-off Protection: Yes
Function: Aromatherapy
Application: <10㎡
Power Type: USB
Type: Ultrasonic Humidifier
Mist Output (gallon / day): 15-20ml/h

Ultrasonic Diffuser & Humidifier Water molecules are decomposed into 0.1-5 micron diameter nanoscale cold fog, By high-frequency electronic oscillation generated by ultrasonic vibration equipment allowing the aroma to float in the air, Producing a lot of active oxygen anion.
Flame Night Lights Powerful LED lights glow at the bottom of the fog, creating a realistic flame effect. You can have it automatically change the color of the flame or set any flame color.

Waterless Auto-Off Function Electric aromatherapy diffusers can last for 6-9 hours. Designed with a waterless auto-off function, This essential oil diffuser will turn off automatically.

Silent Operation Quiet operation(≤28dB), Soothing your mood, Relieving stress, and Promote Sleep, The essential oil diffuser operates extremely quietly.

7 Colors Can Be Adjusted Create a relaxing, warm, loving, fragrance environment.

Size: 13.5*13.5*7.8 cm / 5.31*5.31*3.07inch
Capacity: 130ml
Spray volume: 15-20ml/h
Use time: 6-9 hours
Support: Aromatherapy
Material: BPA-free, suitable for babies and adults

English instruction manual*1
Type-C cable*1

1. Add water to the water tank, please be careful not to exceed the water level;
2. Connect the power supply, you can use a 5V1A adapter, power bank, or computer USB interface;
3. Long press to turn on the spray and flame color night light, short press to change to color night light mode,  and short press again to set the night light to be fixed to the current color.
4. It is recommended to add essential oils. Please do not add perfume and cologne.

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