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Meow Mini Label Printer

$ 27.99$ 28.99

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The Meow Mini Label Printer is a compact thermal printer designed for seamless, on-the-go printing. With Bluetooth compatibility and a swift 20ppm print speed, it offers wireless convenience for various applications. Featuring support for multiple languages through apps like “walkprint” and “funprint,” this printer is user-friendly and adaptable. Its 200DPI printing mode ensures clear and precise results. The device supports different types of printing paper, including self-adhesive and label options. With a Type-C charging port and certifications (CE/ROHS/FCC), the Meow Mini Label Printer is a versatile and reliable choice for portable printing needs.


Meow Mini Label Printer – Your Portable Printing Companion

The Meow Mini Label Printer is a state-of-the-art thermal printer designed for ultimate portability and versatility. This compact device is equipped with Bluetooth technology, offering wireless convenience for various printing needs. Whether you’re on the go or working from home, the Meow Mini Label Printer ensures quick and efficient printing with a notable 20ppm print speed.

Key Features:

  1. Bluetooth Compatibility: Seamlessly connect to the printer via Bluetooth for convenient wireless printing.
  2. Multilingual App Support: Choose between “walkprint” or “funprint” apps, supporting languages such as Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, and more.
  3. High-Resolution Printing: Enjoy crisp and clear prints with 200DPI print parameters, perfect for various applications.
  4. Versatile Printing Options: The printer supports different types of printing paper, including self-adhesive, color thermal, white HD thermal, and label printing options.
  5. Type-C Charging: With a Type-C charging port, the Meow Mini Label Printer ensures a quick and hassle-free charging experience.
  6. System Compatibility: Compatible with both Android and iOS systems, providing flexibility for a wide range of users.
  7. Portable Design: Weighing minimal, the Meow Mini Label Printer is the perfect companion for those who require on-the-go printing solutions.
  8. Certified Quality: The printer holds CE, ROHS, and FCC certifications, ensuring compliance with international quality standards.

Included in the Package: The standard package includes the Meow Mini Label Printer, a roll of white printing paper (not pastable), a charging cable, and comprehensive instructions.

The Meow Mini Label Printer stands out as a reliable, user-friendly, and feature-packed thermal printer, making it the perfect choice for those who value portability without compromising on print quality. With its innovative design and diverse applications, this printer is set to redefine your printing experience.

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