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MIUI Espresso Travel Coffee Maker

$ 71.99

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The MIUI Espresso Coffee Maker offers an affordable yet exceptional entry into portable espresso brewing. This versatile device provides various brewing options, allowing you to enjoy rich, barista-quality espresso anytime, anywhere. With features like cold brew and hot extract capabilities, along with user-friendly instructions, this coffee maker caters to your diverse coffee preferences. Its compact design and USB connectivity make it a convenient choice for coffee lovers on the go.


MIUI Espresso Coffee Maker


  • Brand Name: MIUI
  • Capacity (Cup): 1 cup
  • Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
  • Function: Espresso
  • Certification: LFGB
  • Power (W): 100-199W
  • Housing Material: Plastic


  • Affordable yet exceptional, making it the perfect entry-level portable espresso maker.
  • Versatile brewing options to suit your preference.
  • Experience the rich flavors of barista-quality espresso.

Usage Instructions:

  • Cold Brew:
    • Use a USB cable, add cool water, and double-click the boot button.
  • Hot Extract:
    • Option 1: Use a USB cable, add hot water, and double-click the boot button.
    • Option 2: Use the car cable, add cool water, and press and hold the power-on button for 3 seconds.


  1. Please use coffee capsules with corresponding specifications according to different versions.
  2. When filling the capsule for extraction, ensure the capsule holder is tightened with the main unit to prevent water leakage.
  3. Avoid opening the lid of the cup immediately after boiling, extraction, and water boiling to prevent steam burns.

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