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MOKiN 14-in-1 USB Type-C Docking Station

$ 24.99$ 104.99

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The MOKiN 14-in-1 USB Type-C Docking Station is a versatile hub designed for enhanced connectivity. With 14 ports, including HDMI, DP, SD/TF card readers, RJ45, and multiple USB options, it supports high-resolution outputs like 8K@30Hz and 4K@60Hz. The aluminum alloy construction ensures durability, while Power Delivery provides fast 100W charging. The docking station simplifies your workspace with mirror and extended mode support, catering to various activities. Compatible with MacBook, iPad, Thunderbolt Laptop, and more, it’s an efficient solution for work and leisure. Verify device compatibility before purchase.


The MOKiN 14-in-1 USB Type-C Docking Station is a powerful and versatile solution designed to enhance connectivity and efficiency for various devices. With 14 ports, including HDMI, DP, SD/TF card readers, RJ45, and multiple USB options, it caters to a range of needs for work and leisure. The aluminum alloy construction ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and a sleek aesthetic.

This docking station supports high-resolution outputs, including 8K@30Hz and 4K@60Hz, providing crystal-clear presentations and immersive visual experiences. The Power Delivery (PD) feature offers lightning-fast 100W charging, automatically adjusting to the appropriate power output.

The multifunctional integrated design simplifies your workspace, supporting mirror mode and extended mode for versatile usage. Whether you’re engaged in office work, meetings, movie watching, or gaming, the docking station adapts effortlessly to your needs.

Please check the compatibility with your device’s USB-C port functions, ensuring it supports DisplayPort/DP Alt mode. The docking station is suitable for MacBook Air/Pro, iPad M1/M2, Thunderbolt Laptop, and Android Phone, and is compatible with various operating systems, including Mac OS, iPad OS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Android OS.

Note: Before purchasing, verify your device’s compatibility with Thunderbolt 3/4, USB 4.0, or a full-function USB-C port supporting DisplayPort/DP Alt mode. Refer to the supported and incompatible device lists for guidance.

In the package, you’ll find a compact and efficient solution to streamline your daily tasks and adapt to various scenarios, making it an ideal addition to your workspace.


Incompatible devices list: HP14s-be102TX, HP Probook 650 G2, HP Probook 455 G4, HP Pavilion-14 bf116tx, HP 14-ce1004TX 14, HP Elitebook 820 G3, HP Pavilion 15 ck009, HP EliteBook 745 G4, HP Pavilion Power Laptop 15-cb, HP Probook 430 G5, HP EliteBook 828 G4, HP Pavilion 15-cs3000, HP Pavillion Laptop Model 15-cs1014-ng, HP probook g3, HP bs049dx; Lenovo IdeaPad 3 (17″) Intel, Flex 5 14 (AMD), IdeaPad Flex 5 15 (Intel) 2 in 1, ThinkPad 11e Yoga Gen 6 (11”) 2-in-1; Dell Inspiron 15 3000, Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1, Inspiron 17 3000; Acer Aspire A717-72G,Acer Aspire A515-44-R1DM, Acer Aspire a515-54 model; Predator Helios 300 PH315-52-754M, Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

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6-in-1, 7-in-1, 3-in-1, 8-in-1, 9-in-1, 10-in-1 (a), 10-in-1 (b), 11-in-1, 12-in-1 (a), 12-in-1 (b), 13-in-1, 14-in-1

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