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$ 34.99

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The MOTOSPEED K27 is a compact and ergonomic 27-key mechanical keyboard, perfect for desktops and laptops. With stunning LED lighting effects, durable OUTEMU switches, and a unique keycap design, it provides a comfortable and visually appealing typing experience. The keyboard’s memory function and compatibility with various operating systems make it a versatile choice for users. The K27 package includes the keyboard and a handy English/Chinese manual for quick setup.


The MOTOSPEED K27 is a compact 27-key mechanical keyboard designed for desktop and laptop applications. Its ergonomic design includes wrist support for comfortable use. The keyboard boasts nine stunning LED lighting effects, creating a visually appealing setup. With a high key cap ladder design and 27 keys utilizing two-color keycap technology, it offers a unique and durable typing experience.

The K27 features mechanical switches manufactured by OUTEMU, known for their durability. The transparent cover enhances light diffusion for a vibrant and dynamic illumination. Equipped with EEPROM memory, the keyboard uses Flash memory with 64K bytes, ensuring customizable settings are retained.

Operating with a high-performance Flash microcontroller from Taiwan, the K27 supports USB2.0 transmission mode. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Win XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10 and Mac. The keyboard has a remarkable operating life of 50,000,000 times.

The package includes the K27 keyboard and an English/Chinese manual for easy setup and reference.


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Blue Switch, Red Switch


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