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Smart Bin 12L

$ 43.99$ 47.99

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Introducing the EcoFriendly Induction Trash Can – a space-saving and odor-sealing solution for your home. This rectangular standing trash can features an ultra-thin design, perfect for limited spaces and tight crevices. With excellent air-tightness, it effectively seals in odors, making it an ideal partner in maintaining a fresh environment.

Crafted from high-quality ABS+PP plastic, the non-contact trash can is easy to clean with a smooth and durable surface. Installing and removing garbage bags is hassle-free with the removable lid, and the silent design ensures minimal disruption to those around you. The detachable bucket ring securely holds the trash bag in place.

Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included), the trash can utilizes infrared technology for hands-free operation while being waterproof and moisture-proof for bathroom use. Upgrade your waste disposal experience with this functional and user-friendly EcoFriendly Induction Trash Can.


Shape: Rectangular
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Type: Induction Type
Structure: Standing
Material: Plastic

Save Space at Home and Control the Spread of Odours The ultra-thin bathroom trash capacity saves space and is ideal for limited space or tight crevices. After testing, this trash can has very good airtightness and can seal the odor of garbage. It is the perfect partner in your home.

High Quality Material, Easy to Clean The non-contact bathroom trash can is made of excellent plastic materials such as ABS+PP, the surface is durable and smooth, it can easily remove the dirt on the surface of the trash can with just one touch.

Easy to Install the Garbage Bags and Silent Design The lid of the bathroom motion trash can is removable, it‘s convenient for you to put in and take out the garbage bag. The lid opens and closes silently and will not affect those around you. A detachable bucket ring can firmly fix the trash bag, and will not make it slip off.

Waterproof and Moisture-proof, Sensitive Sensor The non-contact trash can use infrared technology to save battery life, powered by 2 AA batteries (not included), and at the same time use waterproof and moisture-proof materials, it will not affect your use in the bathroom.

Perfect Shopping Experience If you encounter quality and transportation damage issues, please feel free to contact us. You can enjoy unconditional return and refund services. We will ensure that customers get the most perfect shopping experience.

Important Reminder The hands-free operation cover of this trash can opens within 0.1 seconds and automatically closes after 5 seconds of stay. If you need to open the trash can for a long time, you can manually press the up button; after use, manually press the down button to close the trash can.

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