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Smart Bin 13L

$ 25.99

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Eco-Friendly Induction Trash Can

Introducing the Eco-Friendly Induction Trash Can – a convenient and stylish solution for your home. This rectangular trash bin is equipped with an induction sensor, automatically opening the lid when you approach, ensuring a touch-free waste disposal experience. The touchpad feature allows easy manual control of the lid, providing additional convenience.

Constructed with eco-friendly plastic, this trash bin is a sustainable choice for your space. The built-in structure seamlessly blends into your kitchen or bathroom decor. With high sensitivity, the induction sensor quickly responds to knocks or hand movements, ensuring swift lid opening. The large capacity and good sealing help save space and control odour transmission.

This plastic trash can is easy to clean and operates quietly, making it suitable for various spaces like the bathroom, living room, and kitchen. The trash bag fixing design adds to the convenience of use. Choose from battery-powered or induction with one-key open options based on your preference. The dimensions are 27.4cm in length, 20cm in width, and 19cm in height. Enhance your waste disposal experience with this functional and aesthetically pleasing induction trash can.



Feature: Eco-Friendly
Shape: Rectangular
Material: Plastic
Structure: Built-in
Style: Touchpad
Type: Induction Type

• Induction Type :The trash bin is equipped with an induction sensor that automatically opens the lid when you approach, making it easy to dispose of waste without touching it.

• Touchpad :The touchpad allows you to easily control the opening and closing of the lid, making it convenient to use.

• Eco-Friendly :Made of eco-friendly plastic, this trash bin is a sustainable choice for your home.

• Built-in Structure :The built-in structure of this trash bin makes it fit seamlessly into your kitchen or bathroom decor.


Featuring high sensitivity, this induction trash can can quickly open the lid for your convenience when you knock it or move you hand.
This induction trash can has large capacity and good sealing, which can well save your space and control odour transmission.
It is constructed of plastic material, which is easy to clean.
The length of this product is 27.4cm, width is 20cm and height is 19cm. It is mute when it opens or close, which will not disturb you.
This induction trash can is suitable for bathroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and so on. It has trash bag fixing design, which is more convenient to use.

Item Name: Induction Trash Can
Material: Plastic
Style: A: Battery Type, B: Induction+One-key Open, C: Induction+One-key Open+Kick(Optional)
Capacity: 13L
Battery: 2 x AA Batteries(Not Included)

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