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Smart Bin 24L

$ 62.99$ 71.99

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Introducing the 24L Smart Trash Bin with UV Light - your ultimate solution for convenient and hygienic waste disposal. This round standing trash can, designed with an automatic sensor, boasts a touchpad style for easy operation.

Crafted from quality PP and HIPS material, this smart trash bin is sturdy and durable. The sealed design effectively maintains cleanliness and keeps odors at bay, providing a fresh and pleasant experience. With three opening methods – feet kick, induction (waving hands/bending knees), and button – the trash can offers versatility in usage.

The automatic opening and silent closing features, coupled with IPX5 waterproofing, enhance the functionality of this smart garbage bin. With a generous 24L capacity, it's suitable for various spaces, including the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, dormitory, and study. The hidden pressing loop design ensures convenient use and effectively fixes garbage bags.

Upgrade your waste disposal routine with the 24L Smart Trash Bin with UV Light – where innovation meets practicality for a cleaner living space.


Shape: Round
Type: Induction Type
Style: Touchpad
Structure: Standing
Material: Plastic
Feature: Automatic Sensor Trash Can
24L Smart Trash Bin With UV Light Automatic Sensor Trash Can Smart Garbage for Kitchen Bathroom Toilet Wastebasket with Lid
Material: The waste container is made of quality PP and HIPS material, sturdy, and durable.
Design: Garbage bin with a sealed design, effectively keeps clean and odor free, providing you with a beautiful and fresh experience.
Feature: Trash cans have three methods to open, feet kick, induction(waving hands/bending knees), and button, automatic opening, silently closing, IPX5 waterproof.
Wide Usage: Dustbin has a 20L large enough capacity for daily use, suitable for bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, office, dormitory, study, etc.
Practical: Garbage bucket adopts a hidden pressing loop design, can effectively fix garbage bags and is convenient to use.

Material: HIPS+PP
Size: 25cmx25cmx32.2cm/9.84inchx9.84inchx12.68inch
Capacity: 20L, 22L, 24L

Package Includes:
1 Induction Trash Can

Additional information


20L White, 22L White, 24L White, 20L Black, 22L Black, 24L Black, 20L Milk White, 22L Milk White, 24L Milk White


Battery Model, Charging Model


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