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V8 Mini Drone

$ 62.99$ 83.99

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The V8 Mini Drone is a feature-packed quadcopter suitable for users of all levels. With an optional 4K HD camera, it delivers impressive video recording capabilities, and its altitude hold mode ensures stable flights. Boasting a compact design, the drone incorporates headless mode for easy navigation, a one-button back function for convenience, and WiFi connectivity for real-time image transmission. The 2.4GHz anti-interference technology, LED lights, and six-axis gyroscope enhance the overall flying experience. This versatile drone, weighing only 200g, comes with a remote control, rechargeable battery, spare blades, protection covers, and a USB charging cable, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and drone enthusiasts.


  • Model: V8 Mini Drone
  • Camera Features: 1080p HD Video Recording, 4K HD Video Recording (Optional)
  • Max Takeoff Weight: <1kg
  • Flight Time: 11-15 mins
  • Aircraft Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Camera Integration: Camera Included
  • Drone Weight: 200g
  • Remote Distance: 100M
  • FPV Operation: Yes
  • Connectivity: APP Controller, Remote Control, Wi-Fi Connection
  • Certification: CE
  • Motor: Brush Motor
  • Plugs Type: USB
  • Charging Time: 40 mins
  • Dimensions: 13 x 11 x 4 cm

Description: The V8 Mini Drone is a compact and versatile quadcopter designed for both beginners and enthusiasts. With a 1080p or optional 4K HD camera, it offers impressive video recording capabilities. The drone features altitude hold mode for stable flights, and its headless mode eliminates the need for adjusting the aircraft’s position before flying. The one-button back function ensures easy navigation, and the built-in camera can capture stunning aerial pictures and videos. Equipped with WiFi for real-time transmission, it also allows autonomous flight along specified paths drawn on the screen. The drone’s 2.4GHz anti-interference technology, LED lights, and six-axis gyroscope contribute to a smooth and enjoyable flying experience. The package includes a remote control, rechargeable battery, spare blades, protection covers, USB charging cable, and a comprehensive manual.

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1080P with 01 Battery, 1080P with 02 Batteries, 1080P with 03 Batteries, 1080P + 01 Battery, 1080P + 02 Batteries, 1080P + 03 Batteries, 4K with 01 Battery, 4K with 02 Batteries, 4K with 03 Batteries, 4K + 01 Battery, 4K + 02 Batteries, 4K + 03 Batteries


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