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LED Desk Lamp

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Introducing the VIKEFON LED Desk Lamp, a versatile and efficient lighting solution with a host of features. This desk lamp offers a powerful 10W fast charging capability, accommodating both USB and wireless charging simultaneously. The Type C connector ensures easy compatibility with modern devices.

Equipped with a temperature alarm clock, the lamp allows you to monitor your room’s temperature while providing eye-friendly LED light for comfortable study or work sessions. The LCD screen displays time, date, and temperature, with additional features such as alarms and calendar management to declutter your workspace.

The lamp’s eye care technology offers five levels of adjustable brightness, reducing eye strain during reading or working. Choose from three color temperature modes (Warm White, Natural White, Cold White) to suit different activities. The foldable design with a 180-degree flexible arm and 90-degree base axis provides flexibility and portability for any environment.

In summary, the VIKEFON LED Desk Lamp is a multi-functional, space-saving solution, combining powerful charging capabilities with smart features to enhance your workspace and reduce eye fatigue during extended use.


Features: With Charging Indicator
Features: With Cable
Features: With holder
Features: With Power Bank
Features: With Lamp
Features: WIth Clarm
Brand Name: VIKEFON LED Desk Lamp
Set Type: With USB Cable
Connector Type: Type C
Max. Output Power: 10W

  • 10W Fast Charging :Charge your devices quickly with a maximum output power of 10W.
  • Temperature Alarm Clock :Monitor the temperature of your room with the built-in temperature alarm clock.
  • Eye Protect Study Business Light :Protect your eyes from strain during long study sessions or business meetings with the eye-friendly LED light.
  • Type C Connector :Connect your devices easily with the Type C connector, which is compatible with many modern devices.


POWERFUL CHARGING: Owning both USB charging port and fast wireless charger (needs 5V/2A adapter, already Included) Which means you can charge two devices and use the desk lamp to work at the same time.

LCD FUNCTION: You can press “On/Off button” for 3 seconds to turn on/off the LCD screen light. Includes a digital clock for time, date and temperature display. Set an alarm or time for your desk light. Remove clutter from your office desk!

EYE CARE TECH: Bright and eco-friendly LED lighting with an anti-glare shade. 5 levels of adjustable brightness for clear reading and studying without eye strain.

THREE MODULES: 3 colors temperature available(Warm White/ Natural White/ Cold White) for work(office), reading(studying), relaxation(bedroom) and more.

FOLDABLE DESIGN: LED desk lamp with 180 degree flexible arm and 90 degree base axis. The foldable design saves space and you can carry it anywhere in the office, living room, bedroom, dormitory and any other places.

1.Multiple charging functions | This lamp has a USB charging port and a wireless charger, which means you can charge two devices and work with the lamp at the same time. (With 5V/2A adapter)
2.Clean up the clutter on the office desk| This desk lamp combines your favorite smart light function through an LCD screen. Set alarms, manage your calendar, read time and temperature, and use it as a support for your smartphone
3.Reduce eye fatigue when reading | 3 kinds of lighting modes (warm, neutral, blue) are available to suit your reading environment. This LED desk lamp does not flicker and is dimmable to suit your ideal office or bedroom lighting environment
4.Touch control and any position | No button design can adjust the brightness and color temperature, the office lamp can be adjusted to any angle you want, suitable for any working and learning environment. The head can be rotated 180 degrees and the whole can be folded.

Package list
1*10W wireless charging desk lamp
1 * adapter plug
1*user manual
1*package box

How can i turn off the Clock screen backlight ?
Please long press the power touch switch.
How can i turn off the alarm ?
Please press “mode”to access the alarm ,press “up” or “down “to adjust the alarm condition ,please again to follow the function ,the sequence will appear as show : the alarm the alarm reminder 3.close the reminder and alarm .
Why cannot my phone work with wireless charging function ?
Dear customer ,please check your phone whether support wireless charging first ,if your phone support wireless charging , it will work , if not , you can buy the wireless charging adapter for your phone , it will work later.


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