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Wireless Charging Magsafe Case For Samsung Galaxy S Series

$ 9.99

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Introducing the Luxury Wireless Charging Magsafe Case for Samsung Galaxy S Series – a sleek and minimalist accessory designed for practical protection. With its plain design, this case allows the original aesthetics of your Samsung Galaxy to shine through. The bumper style ensures a slim profile while providing essential defense, and the magnetic feature adds a touch of convenience to your daily use. Elevate your device’s style and safeguard it with this functional and straightforward Bumper Case.


Meet the Luxury Wireless Charging Magsafe Case for Samsung Galaxy S Series, a minimalist yet highly functional accessory designed to complement the sleek design of your device. Crafted with simplicity in mind, this bumper case offers practical protection without compromising on style. The plain design ensures a clean and unobtrusive look, letting the natural beauty of your Samsung Galaxy S Series shine through.


  • Bumper Design: The case adopts a bumper style, providing essential protection while keeping a slim profile.
  • Plain Aesthetics: With a plain design, this case maintains a simple and clean look, accentuating the original style of your Samsung Galaxy S Series.
  • Magnetic Functionality: Equipped with magnetic features, the case ensures a secure fit and adds a touch of convenience to your daily use.

Compatibility: Tailored specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S Series, this bumper case offers a precise fit, allowing easy access to all ports and functions without compromising on style or protection.

Elevate your Samsung Galaxy S Series experience with the Bumper Case – a perfect balance of minimalism and functionality designed to enhance both the look and protection of your device.

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Black, Sky Blue, Green, Purple, White, Pink, Claret


For S23, For S23 Plus, For S23 Ultra, For Note 20, For Note 20 Ultra, For S23 FE, For S24, For S24 Plus, For S24 Ultra


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